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Martin in the Margins on the G20 protests in London: […] As for the make-up of the crowd, a large proportion of them seemed to be London University students out for an end-of-term carnival, plus a hard core of balaclava and keffiyeh-wearing activists playing at being revolutionaries for the day.[…] And here is Russell Brand […]

King Django


From the infobox: The picture shows in the left a german SA Nazi during the german pogrom in the time of National Socialism and in the right a german police officer in the year 2009 who takes away the flag of israel only because a mob of Pro Palestine people couldn’t be calmed down cause […]

Martin in the Margins on good and bad ways to teach about hatred and terrorism. Concludes: The best response to being asked to ‘understand’ the feelings of fascists and terrorists remains that of air stewardess Gabriele von Lutzau (whom I quoted here), when asked if she would like to meet one of her former Baader-Meinhof captors: […]

Further to this, look at this.

Karl Pfeifer at Harry’s Place: Innsbruck, the capital of Bundesland (federal province) Tirol, western Austria, with 130,000 inhabitants, has a small Jewish community and a synagogue. According to Innsbruck daily Tiroler Tageszeitung, Esther Frisch has asked for the police to protect the Jewish community, of which she is President, because vandals have during the past […]

Evict the lot?


History is made at night: Ben Atar eviction: a cosmopolitan response On Indymedia, the Israeli squatting movement, and racist forms of anti-occupation activism. Highly recommended.