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Michael Ezra blogs: The Mail Online has an article up about an anti-fascist, topless, feminist activist in Dresden praising Bomber Harris for the bombing of that city in 1945.  Anna Edwards, who wrote the article, comments: Between February 13th and February 14th 1945, between 35,000 and 135,000 people were killed by Allied bombing in Dresden. In his […]

Interesting text on anti-Germanism published at Contested Terrain. Also read the interesting discussion at the Libcom forum, despite degenerating into predictable flame wars at various points. Some links to follow from there, including “Blaming the Banks is not our Business“. And an important new text on anti-nationalism, from AntiFa AK Cologne, published at Shift. While […]

An excellent post at History is Made at Night, which I recommend highly. Here’s some extracts, but you’ll want to read the whole thing. A global economic crisis is leading to global austerity – yet paradoxically in places at the sharp end populist nationalism is resurgent amidst the demonstrations and riots. A recent survey of the […]

I missed this from back in February: A United Front Emerges In Germany Are we seeing the genesis of a multi-partisan pro-Western political scene in Germany? Contributing Writers Niklas Anzinger and Daniel Fallenstein examine the implications of this promising development. Writing for The New Republic, Jeffrey Herf recognized the emergence of a mix of conservatives, […]

By Felix Baum. Here. Opening: MOISHE POSTONE ONCE REMARKED about the German left: “No western Left was as philo-Semitic and pro-Zionist prior to 1967. Probably none subsequently identified so strongly with the Palestinian cause. What was termed ‘anti-Zionism’ was in fact so emotionally and psychically charged that it went far beyond the bounds of a […]

Via Contested Terrain: Towards a critique of anti-German “communism” By Raphael Schlembach Interface: a journal for and about social movements. Volume 2 Issue 2. November 2010. (pp. 199-219). Abstract The spectre of anti-Germans has easily become the Feindbild for activists of the Anglophone Left; yet rarely does this translate into fundamental or informed criticism of […]

Platypus has published an English translation of Communism and Israel, by the anti-German group Initiative Sozialistisches Forum (ISF). The piece is problematic in a number of ways, but interesting, and very out of joint with the orthodoxies of the anglophone left. If I ever have more time, I will write more about why it is problematic, but […]

///NEWS AND NOTES Anti-fascist punk? An interview with Oi Polloi on their attitudes to Israel, Jews, etc. Intro and questions in German, answers in English. [Via Waterloo Sunset here.] Those “immigrants” and their “Nazi” love for Germany: An incoherent article about some incoherent politics. Any more information about this gratefully received. [Via Waterloo Sunset here.] On […]

A London event 1 July: 7pm, Conway Hall (Club Room) 25 Red Lion Square, London WC1R 4RL Critique of nationalism is nothing unheard of on the Left and among Marxists and Anarchists. However, for many radical critics of the nation, it is merely a smoke screen that distracts the working class from its own interests. […]

From Andy: The next link in my crazy chain is Anti-German Translation, which should probably be read alongside of Entdinglichung and Poumista. A hot piece of gossip on the Anti-Germans is the alleged assault by some from their camp on ‘anti-revisionist’ communists in Hamburg; see : Antideutscher Angriff auf die B5. Those responsible may or may not be linked to […]