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At Three-Way Fight: Occupy movement: Anti-capitalism versus populism Occupy Wall Street is one of the most exciting political developments in years, but like any social movement it has its contradictions. As I noted briefly at the end of my previous post, the Occupy movement is vulnerable to right-wing overtures to the extent that many progressive-minded activists […]

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Further to this, here’s an extract from a brilliant analysis of Occupy London from History is Made at Night: There are some odd alternative economy models around in the occupations, notions of capitalism without finance capital (the ‘real economy’), of monetary reform, of a resource-based economy that is beyond capitalism and communism (this is the […]

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I have not been a very good blogger recently, as I’ve been too busy. This post rounds up some of the most interesting material from my regular read blogs. ///First, though, a round up on the Gaza flotilla: Terry Glavin – not the way to put an end to war; Red star commando – flotilla […]

///Moishe Postone: Geoffrey Wildanger: Heidegger’s Inheritance of Hegel’s Experience [mentions Moishe Postone and Robert Kurz as Adornian critics of Hegal] ///Chris Arthur: Jonathan Dettman: Notes on Christopher Arthur on labour and capital ///Gáspár Miklós Tamás: The Left and Marxism in Eastern Europe: an interview ///Platypus: Louis Proyect attacks Platypus 1917 as “an American Eustonite” ///Recentish from Cafe Critique: [PDF] […]

Antisemitism and the (modern) critique of capitalism schalom libertad By Werner Bonefeld The Nazi ideologue Rosenberg (1938) formulated the modern essence of antisemitism succinctly when he portrayed it as an attack on Communism, Bolshevism, and Jewish capitalism, a capitalism not of productive labour and industry, but of parasites – money and finance, speculators and bankers. […]

This came via Engage: Reflections on the Antinomies of Capitalist Modernity: History, the Holocaust, and the Left Moishe Postone Professor in the History Department at the University of Chicago The author of Time, Labour, and Social Domination: A Reinterpretation of Marx’s Critical Theory, his research and teaching focus is on critical social theories of capitalist […]