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Jazz jihad


This article, by Brian Chasnoff, is the the San Antonio Express-News: Kory Cook, music director at KRTU-FM Jazz for San Antonio, said the radio station at Trinity University just “dodged a bullet,” but it’s probably more accurate to say it dodged a “quenelle.” The hand gesture, widely seen as a reverse Nazi salute, is familiar to […]

From Tendance Coates, with apologies for some added hyperlinks and gently corrected typos: Counterpunch’s friend Israël Adam Shamir does not only write about Dreyfus on Entre la Plume et l’Enclume (between the Pen and the Anvil). He, for example, wrote a vibrant defence of Gilad Atzmon on the same site earlier this year […]  calling him “un volcan vivant, un titan pourvu d’un sens de […]

Further to this: the blog Exposing Antisemitism has been carefully detailing the depth of antisemitism within the British Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC). To me, this evidence confirms my belief that “Palestine Solidarity”, as a political movement, has very little to do with solidarity with the (very real and terrible) suffering of actual Palestinians, and everything to […]

Variousness 39


Another small one. Ross W: The Works of the Historian and Marxist Theorist Moishe Postone Steven Johns: Anarchism and British Islamism: putting things in perspective Rebecca L: US Boat to Gaza and Gilad Atzmon. More from Adam Holland. Modernity: Occupied Palestine. Mark Gardner: Routledge’s Journal of Contemporary Leftist Anti-Semitism Max Weber: Can anarchists be legal scholars? See also: Poumista/Bob Previously

Indymedia UK


The Geniza blog designed to save Indymedia UK from antisemitism has a recent update on the end of Indymedia UK, on the further unravelling of Gilad Atzmon, and on the exposure of Israel Shamir. 

At Contested Terrain: The French ultra-left and Holocaust negationism, noting my post on French Bordigist negationists: AGT also notes some problematic texts written by [Gilles] Dauvé (including under the pseudonym Jean Barrot), such as “Fascism/Anti-Fascism” and “The perplexities of the Middle Eastern conflict” (the latter just added to the Libcom archive), as well as Amadeo […]

Rupert Reed, Green parliamentary candidate, pushes racism, then apologises. See Greens Engage, Modernity, and Engage.