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A long critique by Andrew Coates of Andrew Murray’s “anti-imperialism”. You should read it, but here’s an extract: One wonder how many other ‘challengers’ to US hegemony also “mandate” contingent support? To be supported (or in real terms, given kind words and some public show of endorsement) how far can a foreign policy trump a domestic […]

From Tendance Coates, with apologies for some added hyperlinks and gently corrected typos: Counterpunch’s friend Israël Adam Shamir does not only write about Dreyfus on Entre la Plume et l’Enclume (between the Pen and the Anvil). He, for example, wrote a vibrant defence of Gilad Atzmon on the same site earlier this year […]  calling him “un volcan vivant, un titan pourvu d’un sens de […]

Not sure if I’ve linked to these Libcom items already: From El Viejo Topo: interview on “curtailing economic growth” – Anselm Jappe An interview with Anselm Jappe about “curtailing economic growth” (“decrecimiento” in Spanish), a tendency that is becoming increasingly popular in certain circles in Europe, which he characterizes as “a reformism that wants to […]

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Image from Midnight Radio. Answers on a postcard please. → Today’s links: The Poverty of anti-imperialism George Galloway – racial nationalist. // George Galloway and the Syrian national socialists. // Leading “Anti-Imperialist” Hugo Chavez And The Syrian Murderer. // Bin Laden and the Stop the War Coalition. Left antisemitism etc Eirik Eiglad: Anti-Semitism, Israel, And The Left. // If Americans Knew Alison […]

Read these two posts by Louis Proyect: “Qaddafi and the Left” and “Qaddafi and the Monthly Review” (re-posted at Kasama). The complexities of imperialism and anti-imperialism: Andrew Coates reviews Mark Curtis on the British state and Islamism; Shiraz Socialist on Gadafi’s “anti-imperialist” friends. Also: Carl Packman: Gaddafi’s socialist supporters His authoritarian dictatorship of the last forty years should spell out […]

A great article by Sean Matgamna: The poverty of “anti-imperialism” and today’s left. (By the way, I think he stole the title from me!) Here are some extracts. Different imperialisms and different “anti-imperialisms” There are many different sorts of imperialism, and therefore of anti-imperialism, in history. Up to the middle of the 20th century, and in […]

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Loren Goldner: Turkey and on anti-imperialism. Snip: The “anti-imperialist” ideology of the 1960’s and early 1970’s died a hard death by the late 1970’s. Western leftist cheerleaders for “Ho- Ho- Ho Chi Minh” in London, Paris, Berlin and New York fell silent as Vietnam invaded Cambodia, and China invaded Vietnam, and the Soviet Union threatened […]

True anti-imperialism means breaking with the pseudo-anti-imperialists whose corpses weigh down the anti-capitalist movement today. The question of the Iranian uprising demonstrates this like no other question. Several important articles linked to and extracted below the fold.

France: Following on from this, here is Andrew Coates: Dieudonné’s French ‘Anti-Zionist’ List: Worst Political Alliance in Europe? Few deny that ‘Anti-Zionism’ can be  a cover for racism. But rarely does it lead to this broad alliance. In France the mixed-race (Cameroon-French)  ’humourist’ Dieudonné has launched the Parti Anti-Sionist (Site). Its candidates are standing in the European […]

Bob on the “anti-imperialist” camp, in the spirit of Rosa Luxemburg. Marx and Coca-cola on the ironies of Israeli politics. Slackbastard on neo-Nazi music in Germany. Added: The New Centrist rounds up stuff on the campus occupations. Extract: You can already read on rad left sites like the IMCs that the protests– even if they […]