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[adapted from a post at Poumista] Two interesting items: The colour brown: de-colonising anarchism and challenging white hegemony by Budour Hassa in Random Shelling. Extract: The appearance of the Egyptian Black Bloc in Cairo’s streets in January 2013 triggered gullible excitement in Western anarchist circles. Little thought was given to the Egyptian Black Bloc’s political vision – or lack […]

This story gave me a chuckle:  Anonymous, the hacker group, has jostled with the Iranian government and the Church of Scientology and has briefly shut down the Web sites of Visa, MasterCard and other global corporations. When members appear in public to protest censorship and what they view as corruption, they don a plastic mask […]

Black bloc


In the UK, the Black Bloc has gotten a lot of media coverage and blog buzz because of the March 26 anti-cuts march where they appeared. Mostly, of course, it is liberal hand-wringing, conservative hysteria and the rest of the whole usual denunciatory arsenal of the law and order party. Myself, I think Black Bloc […]

Variousness 28


Ya basta! Another anarchism is possible! Via Molly, another anarchist critique of “Black Bloc tactics“, plus follow up here. [More here: 1, 2, 3.] Scum A fantastic post on George Galloway. Critique and Theory Via Entdinglichung, treasures from the back archives of Common Sense. Issue 1 includes Werner Bonefeld’s “Open Marxism”, 2 includes his “Marxism […]

Mick Sweetman against the black bloc. And a follow-up here. (More on the black bloc here.)