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At Liverpool Antifascists Posted by Matthaus Noir A pro-Nazi association now operates a Persian-language website inIran, promoting anti-Semitism and memorializing Adolf Hitler, apparently with the approval of the Iranian government and its censors. The site,, features videos of Nazi leaders and pictures of Hitler, and praises the Third Reich for nearly conquering the Western world. It also includes a […]

Not sure if I’ve linked to these Libcom items already: From El Viejo Topo: interview on “curtailing economic growth” – Anselm Jappe An interview with Anselm Jappe about “curtailing economic growth” (“decrecimiento” in Spanish), a tendency that is becoming increasingly popular in certain circles in Europe, which he characterizes as “a reformism that wants to […]

From an excellent review of Tariq Ali’s The Obama Syndrome by Andrew Coates: The East is Green. The rise of Islamism remains, though not described in these terms, Ali’s impassable horizon. He stated in 2006 that, “A radical wind is blowing from the alleys and shacks of the later-day wretched of the earth, surrounded by […]

Read this post on the neo-fascist Jobbik and the far right theocratic regime in Iran, which has a footnote here. Related Articles

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///Pseudo-“anti-imperialism” and its critique Response to Arundhati Roy: Jairus Banaji. A real Marxist replies to a liberal celebration of Maoist violence. ///Fascism and Anti-fascism An interview with Romanian anti-fascists. From Entdinglichung’s recent miscellany: 1.) [More on the] English Defence League (EDL): * Bob from Brockley: The mutating forms of post-fascism, and immigration politics * Bartholomew’s Notes on Religion: The English Defence League […]

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From Bob From Brockley: The Wikipedia article on Press TV has had large sections deleted from it, and moved to a new article Press TV controversies, which has been nominated for deletion. I thought is was important to archive the deleted material, in case it is lost. Here it is.

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// Israel/Palestine: Oktoberfest in Palestine. // Germany: Antisemitism on stage: Fassbinder’s late appearance. Politics or Pathology? Review of The Baader-Meinhof Complex. To Whom Honor is Due: A disgraceful capitulation. // UK: Nick Griffin denies Iranian nukes. // US: Crummy student occupations. // From the archive: 1. Unweaving The Tangle: Zionism, Anti-Zionism, Antisemitism. 2. On antisemitism […]

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Illustrations in this post from Stickerkitty. // Germany: Hebrew and English banned for Quds day (but police say sorry…). Don’t let religion trump human rights. Merkel’s pro-Russianism. Meet Germany’s next foreign minister: Guido Westerwelle. // UK: Antifa England debunk the Aryan Martyrs Brigade. The BNP is anti-worker. TUC should focus on Iran, not Israel. // Sweden: […]

True anti-imperialism means breaking with the pseudo-anti-imperialists whose corpses weigh down the anti-capitalist movement today. The question of the Iranian uprising demonstrates this like no other question. Several important articles linked to and extracted below the fold.

Antisemitism and the (modern) critique of capitalism schalom libertad By Werner Bonefeld The Nazi ideologue Rosenberg (1938) formulated the modern essence of antisemitism succinctly when he portrayed it as an attack on Communism, Bolshevism, and Jewish capitalism, a capitalism not of productive labour and industry, but of parasites – money and finance, speculators and bankers. […]