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This is from the brilliant blog Mystical Politics: More antisemitism at rallies against the Gaza war. This photo is from a rally in Stuttart, Germany, on July 25, 2014. Source: The poster in the center has an image on it by the French artist Zeon. Here are a couple more photos of the same demonstration: […]

Of course anti-Zionism is not the same as antisemitism. But some anti-Zionists are antisemites.  Here’s three examples. 1. Parisian anti-Israel protestors besiege Jews in synagogues. At the weekend, it is reported that “three Paris synagogues sustained anti-Semitic attacks over the weekend with rioters sending three Jews to the hospital.” Note well: not the Israeli embassy, […]

Further to this: the blog Exposing Antisemitism has been carefully detailing the depth of antisemitism within the British Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC). To me, this evidence confirms my belief that “Palestine Solidarity”, as a political movement, has very little to do with solidarity with the (very real and terrible) suffering of actual Palestinians, and everything to […]

A friend of mine sent me this list of video clips of anti-Israel demos. Unpleasant viewing.

Indymedia UK


The Geniza blog designed to save Indymedia UK from antisemitism has a recent update on the end of Indymedia UK, on the further unravelling of Gilad Atzmon, and on the exposure of Israel Shamir. 

From an excellent review of Tariq Ali’s The Obama Syndrome by Andrew Coates: The East is Green. The rise of Islamism remains, though not described in these terms, Ali’s impassable horizon. He stated in 2006 that, “A radical wind is blowing from the alleys and shacks of the later-day wretched of the earth, surrounded by […]

Following, for reasons too complicated to explain, a series of links, I ended up at a fairly unsavoury Canadian website, Blazing Catfur, which has a hyperbolic post on a liberal Canadian anti-racist campaign. Anyway, the blogger noticed that “Let’s Eliminate Racism in Edmonton” has a rather interesting logo. The blogger adds, “Is that a Kafeiya the […]

On anti-Zionists who flirt with Nazis: Viva Palestina stands with fascist killers of Palestinians Sir Gerald Kaufman and Hamas Chic On the anti-Zionism of the 1970s: Via It’s Complicated: How Nasser pushed anti-Zionism in Africa by Michelle Seiff in Z-Word On weird anti-Zionism: Edith Lutz, representative of German Jews on “the Jewish boat” for Palestine, is […]

///Kristallnacht in Covent Garden: Is this stretching an analogy a little too far? ///On John Lydon and Israel: Julie Burchill “Johnny’s not the Rotten one“. (Some background.) ///On the Olympia food co-op and Israel: 1, 2. ///Alternative Christian festival-going hippy types: Greenbelt: from Bible-bashing to Israel-bashing

Legacy of Hope: Anti-Semitism, the Holocaust and Resistance Yesterday and Today. An important piece of writing, by Robert Fine. Also useful, although I think some of the formulations are wrong: Jewish Agency says world anti-Semitism surges: truth or propaganda? By WW4’s Bill Weinberg. Fantastic post by Terry Glavin, which made me proud: Weekend Readings: The […]