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From Souciant: Post-Nazi Partisans? by Randomizer on Oct 16, 2012 Radicals the world over continue to make use — some would say overuse — of the terms “Fascist” and “Nazi”, which have demonstrated remarkable staying power in the lexicon of demonization. But there’s no denying that they resonate with special force in Germany. As Europe’s economy threatens to spiral out […]

The revolutionary graffiti is being cleansed from Tahrir Square. Here are some glimpses of what’s there, from Homsi Anarchist: Homsi Anarchist ‏@HomsiAnarchist A.C.A.B #Tahrir #Graffiti 19 SepHomsi Anarchist ‏@HomsiAnarchist #Tahrir #Graffiti   19 SepHomsi Anarchist ‏@HomsiAnarchist “Pigs” #Tahrir #Graffiti 19 SepHomsi Anarchist ‏@HomsiAnarchist @ingili3 hahhaa the term goes way back according to here … 19 SepHomsi Anarchist ‏@HomsiAnarchist “Resist the oppressor” #Tahrir #Graffiti 19 SepHomsi Anarchist ‏@HomsiAnarchist To the State: […]

Two great posts at John Eden’s fantastic Uncarved Blog. Colonel Gaddafi’s Kentucky Fried Britain On the 1986 occupation of Gaddafi’s London HQ. An extract: Hopefully Gaddafi will be gone by the time this post goes live. I certainly won’t miss him, but I will grudgingly admit that he brought a certain erratic charm to international politics. […]

History is Made at Night posts some great Berlin street art here, from his visit for the Datacide issue launch party which I blogged here.  

Variousness 32


Image from a wonderful collection of Kafka street art here. I think I’ve already recommended the fascinating blog, Who Makes the Nazis. Anyway, I’m recommending it again. Read, for example, Hanns Eisler: Contemporary Music and Fascism (1944). On Iran: Danny Postel and Nader Hashemi on the Green movement, 1 & 2. Mark Rudd: on the dangers of […]



This post is to share the Shituationist Institutes’s top blogs of 2010 list: 1. mnmlssg blog. (english)  It is probably one of the best blogs of electronic music in the world. Keep up the good work people 2. no camera a blog by ion from Athens(english – greek). A personal blog by Ion , a great experimental […]

Joel Schalit


Added to the blogroll: Joel Schalit. Here are some cool images from his blog. Click them to get to the relevant posts and captions. (Joel, if you feel this is unfair use, just let me know and I’ll take ’em down.)

Joel Morton: Lisa Simpson, Antifascist Superhero: Masculinity, Violence, and Eastern German ‘Antifa’ Street Ephemera, May Day, Berlin, 2004 Text/pictures