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At Three-Way Fight: Occupy movement: Anti-capitalism versus populism Occupy Wall Street is one of the most exciting political developments in years, but like any social movement it has its contradictions. As I noted briefly at the end of my previous post, the Occupy movement is vulnerable to right-wing overtures to the extent that many progressive-minded activists […]

Some helpful reading: Ross Wolfe: Capital in history, a lexicon Federico Campagna: Recurring Dreams – the red heart of fascism / I am not the 99% Facing the War: The position of the observer / Some thoughts on the occupations Adam Holland: Occupy Wall Street, antisemitism, and the perils of the big tent  

I hate Spiked and its politics, but I have to admit enjoying some of their skewering of the platitudes of the anti-capitalist movement. This article, by Tim Black, takes up the themes I have explored here, here and here. For nearly four years now, any anti-something-or-other demonstration worth its pseudo-revolutionary salt just wouldn’t be complete […]

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Further to this, here’s an extract from a brilliant analysis of Occupy London from History is Made at Night: There are some odd alternative economy models around in the occupations, notions of capitalism without finance capital (the ‘real economy’), of monetary reform, of a resource-based economy that is beyond capitalism and communism (this is the […]



Cross-posted from BobFromBrockley This is an age when political events are calibrated to Twitter, activists’ thoughts are punctuated with hashtags and the circulation of politics proceeds memetically. I have mainly been bemused by the wave of occupations emanating from Wall Street and franchised “globally” (i.e. to the other wealthy countries of the global North) on 15 […]

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I have not been a very good blogger recently, as I’ve been too busy. This post rounds up some of the most interesting material from my regular read blogs. ///First, though, a round up on the Gaza flotilla: Terry Glavin – not the way to put an end to war; Red star commando – flotilla […]

From General Theory of Rubbish: “Thought itself must be concieved with reference to its context” Yes — it really should be. M. Moishe Postone Conférence : Congrès Marx International V : Altermondialisme/anticapitalisme. Pour une cosmopolitique alternative. Série : Congrès Marx International Thème(s) : Sciences Humaines et Sociales Durée : 0h 38m 18s Langue : Anglais […]

Your Revolution is no liberation During the recent weeks and months a spirited debate developed in different German left wing newspapers and groups about the sense or non-sense, the perspectives and the means and goals of the mobilisation against the G8 summit. Different German and Austrian anti-fascist groups started a campaign to criticise a wrong […]

by Rob Augman ZNet 26 June 2007 Excerpt from the introduction: …Contemporary social conflicts, a widespread sense of alienation, deep feelings of powerlessness, and the increasing intensity of violent conflict sets off a whole host of resentments and oppositions to the global situation that are not emancipatory. Many people who are deeply dissatisfied with the […]

iz3w: Ominous Proximities | A Critique of Globalisation and Reactionary Ideologies In their criticism of neoliberalism and globalisation the Left and the Right are sometimes uncannily close. One has to look very carefully to find the differences between their struggles against ‘financial capital’ or ‘speculators.’ Left-wing critics of globalisation often defend themselves with the assertion […]