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…asks Benjamin Weinthal. Photos of the “Berlin against Hamas” counterdemonstration here.

Several items from Tendance Coatesy, on the Voltaire Network, on the French far right’s links to Putinism, and on Godard’s fascist turn. 1. On Franklin Lamb and France’s Assad supporters: Counterpunch has published some well-informed reports on the unfolding civil war in Iraq, notably by Patrick Cockburn. The same cannot be said for the latest piece by […]

From Mystical Politics: Wawrzyn, Heidemarie: Nazis in the Holy Land 1933-1948 Co-published by The Hebrew University Magnes Press and De Gruyter for the Vidal Sassoon International Center for the Study of Antisemitism. Young Germans marched through Haifa shouting “Heil Hitler!” and Swastika flags were hoisted at the German consulates in Mandatory Palestine. It was in November […]

[adapted from a post at Poumista] Two interesting items: The colour brown: de-colonising anarchism and challenging white hegemony by Budour Hassa in Random Shelling. Extract: The appearance of the Egyptian Black Bloc in Cairo’s streets in January 2013 triggered gullible excitement in Western anarchist circles. Little thought was given to the Egyptian Black Bloc’s political vision – or lack […]

The revolutionary graffiti is being cleansed from Tahrir Square. Here are some glimpses of what’s there, from Homsi Anarchist: Homsi Anarchist ‏@HomsiAnarchist A.C.A.B #Tahrir #Graffiti 19 SepHomsi Anarchist ‏@HomsiAnarchist #Tahrir #Graffiti   19 SepHomsi Anarchist ‏@HomsiAnarchist “Pigs” #Tahrir #Graffiti 19 SepHomsi Anarchist ‏@HomsiAnarchist @ingili3 hahhaa the term goes way back according to here … 19 SepHomsi Anarchist ‏@HomsiAnarchist “Resist the oppressor” #Tahrir #Graffiti 19 SepHomsi Anarchist ‏@HomsiAnarchist To the State: […]

From Libcom: Short news about protest which changed into Fascist event. 26th of August in front of the Syrian embassy two demonstrations took place. The first one was organized by Syrian embassy and its goal was to record it and show in pro-Syrian government that whole world supports Al-Assad. That is why Syrians who live […]

From Tendance Coates, with apologies for some added hyperlinks and gently corrected typos: Counterpunch’s friend Israël Adam Shamir does not only write about Dreyfus on Entre la Plume et l’Enclume (between the Pen and the Anvil). He, for example, wrote a vibrant defence of Gilad Atzmon on the same site earlier this year […]  calling him “un volcan vivant, un titan pourvu d’un sens de […]

Eric Lee, veteran leftist, writes in his blog and in Solidarity: This may be news to some, but what is today commonplace was once quite rare. I’m referring to anti-Semitism on the far Left — and am reminded of what some of us saw as a turning point back in 1972. For a quarter of a […]

By The Soupy One: I had not heard of Moshe Siman until I read Mystical Politics’ account of his protest. When reading that what struck me was, how little we hear of the real Israelis’ struggles in the Western media. Contrast that with the excellent coverage of Greece, the Banks, the economy and more importantly […]

Coatesy reports on the “anti-imperialist” alliance between sections of the French far-right and the Assad regime in Syria.