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[adapted from a post at Poumista] Two interesting items: The colour brown: de-colonising anarchism and challenging white hegemony by Budour Hassa in Random Shelling. Extract: The appearance of the Egyptian Black Bloc in Cairo’s streets in January 2013 triggered gullible excitement in Western anarchist circles. Little thought was given to the Egyptian Black Bloc’s political vision – or lack […]

Some great anarchist humour at Twitter’s #anarchistfacts. Here are some: Anarchists have an antistate instead of a prostate gland. Kropotkin, was the anarchist formerly known as Prince. anarchists only use lower case type as they are opposed to capitalism In 1973, a meeting organised by an anarchist group in a terraced house in didsbury was attended […]

An AnarchistNews post about an awful AdBusters article elicits an appalling comment thread. One commenter, however, gives a nice succint summary of what we are up against in the anarchist milieu, at least in North America: Lyons at Three-Way Fight says back Hezbollah. Left Turn backs both Hezbollah and Hamas. Norman Finkelstein backs Hezbollah (‘We […]

Mick Sweetman against the black bloc. And a follow-up here. (More on the black bloc here.)

Is there such a thing as anarcho-Zionism? I’m skeptical, but see here: At the back of the hill: Anarcho-Zionism defined (also at AZ Indymedia) IN THE GLOAMING: Musings of an Anarcho Zionist B’Zayon! Bostonian Zionist Anarchist Youth Organization Naw! Zionist Freedom Alliance These guys, to be honest, seem as much anarchists as the “autonomous nationalists” […]

SPLC via At Home He’s A Turista: ‘National Anarchism’ California Racists Claim They’re Anarchists Read it!

Following this post, the thread continues here: 1 (Bob), 2 (Bob), 3 (Bob), 4 (Matt). Useful background: CT on the wordplay approach to antisemitism, Ignoblus on antisemitism as a cultural code, Shift magazine on Indymedia’s degeneration.

Late Mayday news. SlackBastard on violent Neo-Nazis in Germany: […]A communiqué from Autonome Antifa Freiburg, on the other hand, is a little more direct: Beat the Fascists wherever you meet them! (Schlagt die Faschisten, wo ihr sie trefft!) It identifies the ‘autonomous’ or ‘free’ nationalists — essentially, the extra-parliamentary far right — as being “a […]

From SlackBastard: The Israeli Anarchists Against the Wall (AATW) were formed in 2003 and have since used direct action tactics in hundreds of actions in response to the construction of the wall Israel is building on Palestinian land in the Occupied West Bank. AATW work in cooperation with Palestinians in the West Bank in actions […]

Kings & Queens (& Nazis & Swedes) Cultism and the Left Neo-Nazi ‘national anarchists’ in Germany in the headlines White nationalism v national anarchism Skarpretter : Naziscum Angry yoof in Brussels; angry racists in Bamberg Against Chauvinism, Against Nationalism!