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From Mystical Politics: Wawrzyn, Heidemarie: Nazis in the Holy Land 1933-1948 Co-published by The Hebrew University Magnes Press and De Gruyter for the Vidal Sassoon International Center for the Study of Antisemitism. Young Germans marched through Haifa shouting “Heil Hitler!” and Swastika flags were hoisted at the German consulates in Mandatory Palestine. It was in November […]

At Liverpool Antifascists Posted by Matthaus Noir A pro-Nazi association now operates a Persian-language website inIran, promoting anti-Semitism and memorializing Adolf Hitler, apparently with the approval of the Iranian government and its censors. The site,, features videos of Nazi leaders and pictures of Hitler, and praises the Third Reich for nearly conquering the Western world. It also includes a […]

Read Rosie Bell for the story. Also read: Terry Glavin on George Galloway’s fascist friends.

Herf v Achcar


Jeffrey Herf reviews Gilbert Achcar’s The Arabs and the Holocaust: The Arab-Israeli War of Narratives.

///NEWS AND NOTES Anti-fascist punk? An interview with Oi Polloi on their attitudes to Israel, Jews, etc. Intro and questions in German, answers in English. [Via Waterloo Sunset here.] Those “immigrants” and their “Nazi” love for Germany: An incoherent article about some incoherent politics. Any more information about this gratefully received. [Via Waterloo Sunset here.] On […]

Nazi Sheikhs: Paul Berman interviewed in Guernica. See also: Peter Wien: Arab Nationalists, Nazi-Germany and the Holocaust: an unlucky contemporaneity Remembering The Farhud, The Pogrom That Ended Iraqi Jewish Life Previous: Ibish v Berman and the Mufti.

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Paul Berman


There are a number of problematic things in this interview with Paul Berman by Michael Totten. But it is certainly worth reading. Some extracts below the fold:

Several posts and news times relating to Jeffrey Hersh’s Nazi Propaganda for the Arab World, recently published by Yale University Press, and his important interview in an Egyptian newspaper, which I’ve already posted about.This, by Adam Kirsch, is a high quality example. Herf also recently Jeffrey Herf reviewed Robert Wistrich’s A Lethal Obsession. And Ben […]

The Egyptian newspaper, Al-Masry Al-Youm, interviews Jeffrey Herf about his most recent book, Nazi Propaganda for the Arab World. [via Judeosphere.] Previous: Press TV; Iranian Antisemitism: Stepchild of German National Socialism.