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This is from the brilliant blog Mystical Politics: More antisemitism at rallies against the Gaza war. This photo is from a rally in Stuttart, Germany, on July 25, 2014. Source: The poster in the center has an image on it by the French artist Zeon. Here are a couple more photos of the same demonstration: […]

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Illustration from Antiterra, from Midnight Radio Soup. Chris Mansour: Praxis, theory, and the unmakeable: An interview with Robert Hullot-Kentor: Platypus Review 33 | March 2011 [PDF] On February 19, 2011, Chris Mansour of Platypus interviewed Robert Hullot-Kentor, noted Adorno translator and author of Things Beyond Resemblance: Collected Essays on Theodor W. Adorno. What follows is an edited transcript of […]

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I have not been a very good blogger recently, as I’ve been too busy. This post rounds up some of the most interesting material from my regular read blogs. ///First, though, a round up on the Gaza flotilla: Terry Glavin – not the way to put an end to war; Red star commando – flotilla […]

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Israel/Palestine Joint Struggle Focuses on Gaza. Migrant workers join Histradrut. Critique and theory Crash Course: new text by Krisis, on the financial crisis. I’ve been going through Letters Journal lately (see also blog). Some text well worth reading, including: Manifesto Against Labour by Gruppe Krisis, Invaders From Marx by Michael Heinrich. More texts from Ifinsiturcon: […]

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Contested Terrain: Greek Leftists Oppose Left Antisemitism From the Greek “Terminal 119 collective” in Thessaloniki, Greece: Anti-Zionism is Anti-Semitism A week ago we wrote a text with the title “Is Anti-Semitism going to achieve what truncheons did not?”, noting that an evident anti-Semitism had started being manifested in various places within the country, hidden behind […]

In light of Antifa‘s criticism of my post on their participation in the January 10 anti-Israel/pro-Hamas march in London, I found this from the ultra-left ICC: Those attending the demonstrations against the recent massacres in Gaza, because they wanted to express their solidarity with the Palestinian people or with humanity in general, needed more than […]



From On A Raised Beach: A rash of occupations, sit-ins, what have you, has spread across universities in Glasgow. Sadly they have nothing to do with the class struggle, galloping unemployment (which is what is probably facing those doing the sitting in) and the current financial crisis of global capitalism, and everything to do with […]

Rather disappointed to see (at the excellent Whitechapel Anarchist Group website) that UK’s Antifa (strapline: “Militant Antifascists”), as were WAG themselves, out in force at the Gaza demos, marching alongside, er, lots of fascists. More at Indymedia and Flickr, where you can check out their sorry-arsed out-dated uniform of black hooded top.

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Music: Uncarved on dubstep releases. Django on the best music of 2008. Octopus 2: Fresh poulp. Antisemitism and conspiracy theory: Special feature: Scandanavia: Manfred Gerstenfeld on Norway as a new paradigm for antisemitism. Jonathan Leman and Gudmondson on the Swedish Social Democrat supporters of Hezbollah. Francis Sedgemore on the Danish intifada. Principia Dialectica on critical […]

From Le Petit Canard Noir: The Israeli-Palestininan Workers’ Advice Centre (WAC-MAAN) has called for workers to pressure their governments to demand that Israel cease its assault on Hamas in Gaza… As WAC-MAAN reminds us, Hamas rockets do not just affect Israeli Jews, but also Arab Israelis and Palestinian workers — on 29 December, Hani al […]