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This article is from Sign and Sight, which has ceased trading.  The anti-Semitism of the 68ers Philipp Gessler and Stefan Reinecke talk with Tilman Fichter about the bomb planted in Berlin’s Jewish Community Centre in 1969 On November 9, 1969, on the anniversary of “Kristallnacht“, over two hundred people were gathered in Berlin’s Jewish Community […]

In Dissent: A review of Utopia or Auschwitz: Germany’s 1968 Generation and the Holocaust by Hans Kundnani By Susie Linfield. As an American, a Jew, a leftist, and a journalist who spent the past five months living in Berlin, I was continually fascinated—sometimes impressed, sometimes irritated, sometimes repelled–by the ways in which Germans were exploring their […]

At, an interesting feature, the tank: Do We Need Adorno? By Todd Cronan, Emory University,Michael Clune, Case Western Reserve University, Nicholas Brown, UIC, Jennifer Ashton, UIC, Chris Cutrone, School of the Art Institute of Chicago and Marnin Young, Yeshiva University. First up, a review by Todd Cronan of Adorno and Horkheimer’s  Towards a New Manifesto by Theodor Adorno and Max Horkheimer. Translated by Rodney Livingstone. […]

Interesting article by by Joel Schalit. Here’s a short extract to get you tempted: “Racism is no longer a problem,” said the sociologist, as she put down her drink. “Amongst Germans, it’s no longer an issue. They accept difference now. Today, it’s the immigrants that are the problem, like the eastern Europeans, who are intolerant of […]

Three more or less unrelated items. Slovenian philosopher: “Antisemitism is alive and kicking in Europe” Saturday, June 25 2011|Mairav Zonszein: On Friday evening, Slovenian philosopher Slavoj Zizek gave a lecture in a bookstore in Central Tel Aviv teeming with familiar faces of leftwing activists. It was hosted by Udi Aloni, an Israeli-American artist and BDS activist, […]

I missed this from back in February: A United Front Emerges In Germany Are we seeing the genesis of a multi-partisan pro-Western political scene in Germany? Contributing Writers Niklas Anzinger and Daniel Fallenstein examine the implications of this promising development. Writing for The New Republic, Jeffrey Herf recognized the emergence of a mix of conservatives, […]

In defence of Wagner’s Israeli enthusiasts Personally, I can’t stand his music, regardless of anything else…  

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/// Germany: Stefan Steinberg on Peter Sloterdijk’s defence of German Central Bank executive member Thilo Sarrazin and his racist, antisemitic outburst. The Chicago Boyz on East Germany then and now. And Slack Andy with some antifa notes: In Germany: “An 88-year-old former Waffen SS fanatic went has gone on trial accused of the wartime execution […]

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// Israel/Palestine: Palestine-Israel, The joint struggle of the direct actions of the AAtW and Palestinians escalate. Uri Gordon’s Anarchy Alive on video. (Plus ZMag review.) Another friend for the Palestinian cause: Hungary’s fascist Jobbik party. The first “anti-Zionist” anti-war movement. // Boycott news (for @ndy): Ken Loach vs Israeli film. Will they boycott antibiotics? Vanessa […]