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The critique of arms A very interesting and long sympathetic critique of anarchist insurrectionism at Crimethinc. Europe and Iran: List of Terrorists instead of dialogue, by Stephan Grigat. What we’ve learned so far from the Karadzic trial – with a comment thread on anti-germanism and the Balkan wars. Diego Gambetta in The Nation debunking the […]

Johanna Kaschke libel update here. Back ground here.

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// Israel/Palestine: Palestine-Israel, The joint struggle of the direct actions of the AAtW and Palestinians escalate. Uri Gordon’s Anarchy Alive on video. (Plus ZMag review.) Another friend for the Palestinian cause: Hungary’s fascist Jobbik party. The first “anti-Zionist” anti-war movement. // Boycott news (for @ndy): Ken Loach vs Israeli film. Will they boycott antibiotics? Vanessa […]

@ndy writes: Yeah. Thought I may as well throw this up, if only ’cause I reckon Anti-German Translation will link to it, and every time they link to my blog, I get a free bagel from Glick’s (but ssshhh, don’t tell anyone — it’ll like, totally blow my cover!). It’s the story of a quack […]

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// Israel/Palestine: Oktoberfest in Palestine. // Germany: Antisemitism on stage: Fassbinder’s late appearance. Politics or Pathology? Review of The Baader-Meinhof Complex. To Whom Honor is Due: A disgraceful capitulation. // UK: Nick Griffin denies Iranian nukes. // US: Crummy student occupations. // From the archive: 1. Unweaving The Tangle: Zionism, Anti-Zionism, Antisemitism. 2. On antisemitism […]

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The Debate Link about  The Meaning of Haj Amin al Husseini. Extract: Daniel Schwammenthal has an interesting column up about a German exhibition that was to note Nazi sympathy in the Arab and Palestinian community (expressed notably, but not uniquely, by Haj Amin al Husseini), as part of a broader exploration of “The Third World […]

Martin in the Margins on good and bad ways to teach about hatred and terrorism. Concludes: The best response to being asked to ‘understand’ the feelings of fascists and terrorists remains that of air stewardess Gabriele von Lutzau (whom I quoted here), when asked if she would like to meet one of her former Baader-Meinhof captors: […]

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Flesh is Grass: Were the keffiyehs at Urban Outfitters fairly traded? Extract: A keffiyeh is perhaps more commonly known as a ‘PLOscarf’ although I read (several years ago in a good but out-of-print book called ‘My Enemy My Self‘ by Yoram Binur which I can recommend – in the tradition of John Howard Griffin’s Black Like […]



Edmund Standing at Butterflies and Wheels. Extract: Just as Himmler admired and befriended Al-Husseini, and just as von Leers enthusiastically promoted a perverse union of radical Islam and Nazism, so today we find neo-Nazis applauding Jihadism and seeking to offer it their support. The 9/11 attacks are a case in point. In the aftermath of […]