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News from Malmo


Malmo in Sweden has become an icon for many of the rising tide of antisemitism in Europe. In that light, this report (via icare) is interesting: Hate crimes against Jews living in Malmö, in southern Sweden, are growing less common, reported Swedish radio station SR. The number of reported crimes are less than half as many […]

Variousness 5


The Revolutionary Communist Party and its “liberal” comrades. Radical Leftists, Neo-Nazis, and other “Anti-Zionists” in a Tizzy Over the Launching of Z Street. Germany’s Obama: Cem Ozdemir’s support for Israel is considered unshakable. (Via Greens Engage) Poland in Pictures. Gelman and Good Dictatorships. Steve Cohen: Writing as a Jewish traitor – An imagined disputation with my comrades […]

From Malmo


From the Davis Cup: Anja and Engage. Note this pic: “Antifa” activists again deployed alongside fascists, and minimising the Holocaust too.

Variousness 3


Music: Uncarved on dubstep releases. Django on the best music of 2008. Octopus 2: Fresh poulp. Antisemitism and conspiracy theory: Special feature: Scandanavia: Manfred Gerstenfeld on Norway as a new paradigm for antisemitism. Jonathan Leman and Gudmondson on the Swedish Social Democrat supporters of Hezbollah. Francis Sedgemore on the Danish intifada. Principia Dialectica on critical […]

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