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Some of my favourite images from Gezi Park: [Translation: Antarctica is resisting] Aylin Geziparkı @aylinyrd Turkish protesters get creative: because statues are people too. #occupygezi #direngeziparkı #bubirsivildirenis Yiannis Βaboulias @YiannisBab The picture of the dervish protester in a gas-mask is already iconic. #occupygezi Source: Source: And some of my less favourite ones: Via: @sda_can Solidarity… […]

From Souciant: Post-Nazi Partisans? by Randomizer on Oct 16, 2012 Radicals the world over continue to make use — some would say overuse — of the terms “Fascist” and “Nazi”, which have demonstrated remarkable staying power in the lexicon of demonization. But there’s no denying that they resonate with special force in Germany. As Europe’s economy threatens to spiral out […]

From History is Made at Night: Looking forward to Friday’s Praxis records party in London, all aboard the MS Stubnitz boat (facebook events details here) . Praxis released its first records in November 1992, and twenty years later is still going strong. Started by Christoph Fringeli in South London, and associated in the mid-1990s with the famous Brixton Dead by Dawnparties, it […]

The revolutionary graffiti is being cleansed from Tahrir Square. Here are some glimpses of what’s there, from Homsi Anarchist: Homsi Anarchist ‏@HomsiAnarchist A.C.A.B #Tahrir #Graffiti 19 SepHomsi Anarchist ‏@HomsiAnarchist #Tahrir #Graffiti   19 SepHomsi Anarchist ‏@HomsiAnarchist “Pigs” #Tahrir #Graffiti 19 SepHomsi Anarchist ‏@HomsiAnarchist @ingili3 hahhaa the term goes way back according to here … 19 SepHomsi Anarchist ‏@HomsiAnarchist “Resist the oppressor” #Tahrir #Graffiti 19 SepHomsi Anarchist ‏@HomsiAnarchist To the State: […]

#Occupy II


Further to this, here’s an extract from a brilliant analysis of Occupy London from History is Made at Night: There are some odd alternative economy models around in the occupations, notions of capitalism without finance capital (the ‘real economy’), of monetary reform, of a resource-based economy that is beyond capitalism and communism (this is the […]

Or, rather, Paul Stott does: Upstart Clothing – Blaggers ITA Shirts This blog has rarely covered fashion, but a plug for Upstart Clothing in Leeds is long overdue. Above is their Blaggers ITA t shirt, and you can view the full range of everything from boots to coats either at the Leeds Corn Exchange or on-line. […]

Two great posts at John Eden’s fantastic Uncarved Blog. Colonel Gaddafi’s Kentucky Fried Britain On the 1986 occupation of Gaddafi’s London HQ. An extract: Hopefully Gaddafi will be gone by the time this post goes live. I certainly won’t miss him, but I will grudgingly admit that he brought a certain erratic charm to international politics. […]

History is Made at Night posts some great Berlin street art here, from his visit for the Datacide issue launch party which I blogged here.  

Datacide 11


History is Made at Night writes: I went to Berlin recently for the launch of the new issue (number 11) of Datacide – ‘the magazine for noise and politics’. There were a couple of events. First up was a series of talks at Cagliostro, a bar in Friedrichshain which also houses the Praxis record shop (plenty of breakcore, noise and hard […]

Variousness 32


Image from a wonderful collection of Kafka street art here. I think I’ve already recommended the fascinating blog, Who Makes the Nazis. Anyway, I’m recommending it again. Read, for example, Hanns Eisler: Contemporary Music and Fascism (1944). On Iran: Danny Postel and Nader Hashemi on the Green movement, 1 & 2. Mark Rudd: on the dangers of […]