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Jazz jihad


This article, by Brian Chasnoff, is the the San Antonio Express-News: Kory Cook, music director at KRTU-FM Jazz for San Antonio, said the radio station at Trinity University just “dodged a bullet,” but it’s probably more accurate to say it dodged a “quenelle.” The hand gesture, widely seen as a reverse Nazi salute, is familiar to […]

From the wonderful web magazine Souciant, by Magadh, Jun 26, 2013 The fight, in which Clément Meric died, apparently started over some shirts. An 18-year-old student at Paris’ prestigious Sciences Po, Meric was headed to a clothing shop in the 9th Arrondissement when he encountered a group of skinheads headed to the same store. His killer, Esteban Morillo, is […]

Casa Pound


With Beppe Grillo‘s MS5 riding high, it is time to review their allies in Casa Pound, covered here before. The most comprehensive account is from Struggles in Italy. Here are some extracts. Who they are CasaPound Italia (CPI) is an Italian far-right political movement, officially established as a “Social Promotion Association” in 2008. Founder and […]

The Soupy One has a post on the links between True Brits, the newest entrant to the crowded space of rebranded fascist groupuscules in the UK, and broadcaster Press TV (mouthpiece of the theocratic regime in Iran, and sometime home of George Galloway) and Russia Today (mouthpiece of the authoritarian regime in the Kremlin, and sometime home […]

An interesting critique of Paul Mason’s reports on Greek fascism, by Benedict Seymour at Metamute, drawing on Alfred Sohn-Rethel. The following is a commentary on Paul Mason’s important but flawed article on the situation in Greece: Paul Mason’s recent reports on the rise of the Golden Dawn have been very interesting. The latest ends […]

From the US, this is an extract from a post on the nativist strain of Republicanism, from the excellent Sad Red Earth blog: In “The Vice of the Extremes,” I wrote of the transformed GOP that we have a major political party … that has descended to levels of anti-intellectual ignorance, corporate plutocracy, chauvinism, xenophobic […]

A recommendation for Tom Walker’s blog. Here’s some stuff from it: OSLOndon In a late note to editors on the topic of the flaneur, Walter Benjamin discussed the customer’s empathy for the commodity and the commodity’s empathy for the customer. Instead of “work adorning the citizen” (“Arbeit ist des Bürgers Zierde”), in industrial society the […]

Read this post on the neo-fascist Jobbik and the far right theocratic regime in Iran, which has a footnote here. Related Articles

Essential reading.

I’ve only just discovered, via The Roar of the Masses, the fascinating blog Who Makes The Nazis?, exploring the world of “”countercultural fascism”, which is a relative of the sort of “autonomous nationalism” I’ve beeen documenting on this blog. Among the interesting posts are Admit You’re Shit by Morbid Symptoms, about John ‘Weeny’ Cato and “the vexed question […]