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Variousness 10


// Israel/Palestine: Oktoberfest in Palestine. // Germany: Antisemitism on stage: Fassbinder’s late appearance. Politics or Pathology? Review of The Baader-Meinhof Complex. To Whom Honor is Due: A disgraceful capitulation. // UK: Nick Griffin denies Iranian nukes. // US: Crummy student occupations. // From the archive: 1. Unweaving The Tangle: Zionism, Anti-Zionism, Antisemitism. 2. On antisemitism […]

Bob on the “anti-imperialist” camp, in the spirit of Rosa Luxemburg. Marx and Coca-cola on the ironies of Israeli politics. Slackbastard on neo-Nazi music in Germany. Added: The New Centrist rounds up stuff on the campus occupations. Extract: You can already read on rad left sites like the IMCs that the protests– even if they […]

Further to this, read this. (Same video, even less forgiving analysis.)

Oxymoronic 2


Roland on the student occupations, quotes an embedded blogger: From wild exaggerations about crowd size to topless girls to chants like “This is what democracy looks like!” (except, no, not at all) to veganism to keffiyehs, it was a weird, funny, occasionally exciting event, but not a serious protest.

Further to this, look at this.



From On A Raised Beach: A rash of occupations, sit-ins, what have you, has spread across universities in Glasgow. Sadly they have nothing to do with the class struggle, galloping unemployment (which is what is probably facing those doing the sitting in) and the current financial crisis of global capitalism, and everything to do with […]