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Following, for reasons too complicated to explain, a series of links, I ended up at a fairly unsavoury Canadian website, Blazing Catfur, which has a hyperbolic post on a liberal Canadian anti-racist campaign. Anyway, the blogger noticed that “Let’s Eliminate Racism in Edmonton” has a rather interesting logo. The blogger adds, “Is that a Kafeiya the […]

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A while back I unfairly attacked Ted Swedenburg, smart* American academo-leftist, whose blog does a wonderful job of tracking the adventures of the kufiya in the popular culture of the over-developed world. (Although I don’t really like his politics, of course.) Here’s some interesting snippets: On Iron Man: The real “bad guy” of the film, […]

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Flesh is Grass: Were the keffiyehs at Urban Outfitters fairly traded? Extract: A keffiyeh is perhaps more commonly known as a ‘PLOscarf’ although I read (several years ago in a good but out-of-print book called ‘My Enemy My Self‘ by Yoram Binur which I can recommend – in the tradition of John Howard Griffin’s Black Like […]

From Michelle Malkin: The keffiyeh kerfuffle My syndicated column today examines the keffiyeh kerfuffle with Dunkin’ Donuts and Rachael Ray that I noted on the blog last week. As you’ll recall, I linked to an item by LGF’s Charles Johnson about the scarf she wore in a recent Dunkin’ ad. Keffiyeh chic has been covered […]

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Crisco Connection: Kufiya feigale