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A third Greek/fascism post in a row. This story has been chronically underreported: A Holocaust memorial in Rhodes was spray-painted with swastikas. The Holocaust Memorial to the Jews of Rhodes in the Jewish Martyrs Square — the old Jewish Quarter — was defaced Saturday on its six sides. The initials AME also were spray-painted on […]

Continuing the Greece/fascism theme, here’s Max Fischer on “Pogrom Punk: The Greek neo-Nazi rock bands boosting Golden Dawn’s rise“. Golden Dawn members sing the national anthem in Thessaloniki (SAKIS MITROLIDIS/AFP/Getty) The Guardian’s Marla Margaronis begins her deep, and deeply disturbing, article on the rise of Greek neo-Nazi party Golden Dawn with an interesting detail. The movement’s favorite […]

Mark Gardner of the CST on Alexander Baron, Troy Southgate, “national anarchism” and other scum.

Annual South Side ARA Zine #3 (Mid 2011- April 2012) Download readable version here Download printable PDF here This is South Side ARA’s 3rd annual zine. This zine, just like the ones before it, is filled with intel on local fascists, action reportbacks and analysis. It represents a written documentation of the work we have […]

Further to this, here’s Have you noticed the shift in image of some neo-Nazis – a shift from the skinhead-look to an anarchist/antifascist image? Whether or not you’ve noticed, you can learn more about this recent strategy of certain factions of the neo-Nazi movement from the following analysis. Some people say that we live […]

From Hope Not Hate: a coalition of some of the finest Jew hating conspiracy theorists around are having a meeting of their own. And, in time honoured far right tradition, they are having a factional split of their own. The “New Right” is a quasi-intellectual political group formed by the former National Front activist Troy […]

Andrew Coates: Marine Le Pen Analysed by Caroline Fourest Caroline Fourest is a feminist, a fierce defender of French secularism, critic of Islamism,  and a ferocious opponent of the Front National. Caroline Fourest  has just published, with Fiammetta Venner, what promises to be the French political book of the Summer, on Marine Le Pen. On France-Inter this morning (see Here.) […]

British Movement in Rusholme by Manchester Anti Fascist Alliance (MAFA) For a second time in two weeks the British Movement have been stickering on the Curry Mile in Rusholme, the main Asian district in South Manchester… Today a few ‘Radical Youth Resistance’ stickers with a website were put up over MAFA stickers. It seems this […]

Slack Bastard: Jock Palfreeman As expected, Jock Palfreeman’s appeal against a 20-year prison sentence has beendismissed by the Sofia Court of Appeals. After a further appeal to a higher court has been held, Jock’s case will likely be taken to the European courts: a forum in which there remains some possibility he will obtain a just outcome. […]

From Andy: Back in Australia, the ‘Western Australian National Anarchist(s)’ has/have been exposedas some student called Nicholas Cole. Speaking of ‘Wingnuts’, Michael Orion Powell of LGF has written of Nicholas’ Yanqui comrades that Even In The Bay Area, Nationalism Takes Root (October 26, 2010). Chief White nationalist BANANA Andrew Yeoman is known as Andrew White according to court […]