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Variousness 33


First, for my one regular reader, Who Cares?, some coverage of the revolution in Egypt, extracted from BobFromBrockley: Islamism: Alan A reports on the secular, liberal nature of the movement for freedom in Egypt so far, with a cautiously optimistic assessment of the chances of the Muslim Brotherhood gaining the upper hand from the chaos. He […]

An AnarchistNews post about an awful AdBusters article elicits an appalling comment thread. One commenter, however, gives a nice succint summary of what we are up against in the anarchist milieu, at least in North America: Lyons at Three-Way Fight says back Hezbollah. Left Turn backs both Hezbollah and Hamas. Norman Finkelstein backs Hezbollah (‘We […]

The US-based Situationist grouplet, Not Bored!, published a text entitled “1981: the French FBI against Coluche . . .” on December 25. The text is a translation by Not Bored’s Bill Brown of a French article by left-wing author Didier Daeninckx about Guy Dauvé, a right-wing French intelligence officer.* Guy Dauvé is the father of […]

Slack Chomsky


Bob asks, How would you like it if I called you bilingual? Extract: After my tussle with Gabriel Ash over Chomsky’s genocide denialism, after Martin posted some fantastic Gnome Chomskies, after revelations of Chomsky’s capitalist business practices, after Venezualan anarchists have described Uncle Noam as “Chavez’s clown”… I felt it was time for a Noam […]

Last week, we did anti-capitalist students in Nikes and keffiyahs. This week, anti-capitalist warriors with stocks in the military-industrial complex. Warning: sources are right-wing, but that doesn’t mean it’s not true. Michael Moore: According to Fortune Magazine, Moore’s films have grossed over $300 million worldwide. His highest grossing film was “Fahrenheit 9/11,” which critiques the […]