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To add to the German article, “Class-Strugglers against their own Will: The German Communist Party and the Antisemitism in Weimar Republic“, by Olaf Kistenmacher that I already linked to, here are two more texts, this time in English, by Olaf, from the Engage journal: From ‘Judas’ to ‘Jewish Capital’: Antisemitic Forms of Thought in the German […]

By Olaf Kistenmacher  in Jungle World. In German (extract below the fold), but the conclusion in English is this: The view that an anti-Zionist antisemitism first emerged after the Six Day War is a common belief in contemporary discussions on the Left, as the recent debate on antisemitism in the German Left party shows. According to this view […]

Essential reading from Principia Dialectica: Leninist Goebbel-de-gook on Iran and Israel More on Left-wing antisemitism Also: Moishe Postone at SOAS.

Following this post, the thread continues here: 1 (Bob), 2 (Bob), 3 (Bob), 4 (Matt). Useful background: CT on the wordplay approach to antisemitism, Ignoblus on antisemitism as a cultural code, Shift magazine on Indymedia’s degeneration.

[UPDATE: Greens Engage have uploaded a pdf of the reader here.] A while back, I posted a link to the anti-German reader Your Revolution is No Liberation. Unfortunately it has gone off-line, so I have tried to use the table of contents to provide links to some of the articles. Here’s the ones I couldn’t […]

Your Revolution is no liberation During the recent weeks and months a spirited debate developed in different German left wing newspapers and groups about the sense or non-sense, the perspectives and the means and goals of the mobilisation against the G8 summit. Different German and Austrian anti-fascist groups started a campaign to criticise a wrong […]