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This website is primarily about the strange convergence between certain forms of reactionary conspirationist thought with certain forms of radical anti-capitalism. Mostly, I have paid attention to two overlapping phenomena: first, the ways in which fascist and fascistic positions have used the language and rhetoric of the left (e.g. the so-called “national anarchists” who stalk […]



Edmund Standing at Butterflies and Wheels. Extract: Just as Himmler admired and befriended Al-Husseini, and just as von Leers enthusiastically promoted a perverse union of radical Islam and Nazism, so today we find neo-Nazis applauding Jihadism and seeking to offer it their support. The 9/11 attacks are a case in point. In the aftermath of […]

Matthias Küntzel: Defining Jew-Hatred Down

1. Straight Outta Tel Aviv: Antigerman Stepkurs Neues O.G. Ultrasteinlied, für alle, die trotz gymnasiastischen Gruppenzwangs auch mal 50Cent auf ihrem Handy pumpen wollen. Für das (immer)gleiche und mehr checkt und Klickklackbumm. 2. Platypus Review “Let the dead bury the dead!” Response to Principia Dialectica (UK) on May 1968 Chris Cutrone The British […]

Matthias Kuntzel: Jihad and Jew Hatred interview at Israel News: recommended



Miscellany Ian Bone: How non-violence protects the state Bob From Brockley: Kosovo, anarchist common sense, neoconservatism, and lots more Drink Soaked Trots: SayNO to UN resolution condoning rocket attacks on Israel (Jura Watchmaker) Drink Soaked Trots: Not like Deutschland Über Alles — in fact the opposite of (Will) Anti-Germanism: Infidel Bloggers: Academic Field or Preventive […]

Via Contested Terrain: Confronting Anti-Semitism — But How? Three essays by Matthias Küntzel, published in Telos in September 2006. Part 1: Germany, Iran, and Israel During my preparations for this lecture, I realized that the German Coordinating Group had already sponsored a lecture with the title “On the struggle against Anti-Semitism today” in 1962. [1] […]