Anti-Zionist antisemites


Of course anti-Zionism is not the same as antisemitism. But some anti-Zionists are antisemites.  Here’s three examples.

1. Parisian anti-Israel protestors besiege Jews in synagogues.

At the weekend, it is reported that “three Paris synagogues sustained anti-Semitic attacks over the weekend with rioters sending three Jews to the hospital.” Note well: not the Israeli embassy, but Jewish synagogues.

In the 11th arrondissement in eastern Paris, breakaway anti-Israel marchers “tried to force their way into a Paris synagogue Sunday with bats and chairs, then fought with security officers who blocked their way, according to police and a witness.”

A police spokeswoman said the Don Isaac Abravanel synagogue in eastern Paris was targeted during a service, and worshippers were blocked inside while police pushed protesters back. The spokeswoman said all those inside left safely by Sunday evening.

Aline Le Bail-Kremer watched the incident unfold from her window across the street. She said protesters came from two directions and converged on the synagogue, grabbing chairs from sidewalk cafes and wielding bats as they tried to push past security guards.

Another synagogue on Rue de la Roquette in Paris was attacked by rioters hurling stones, according to the Times of Israel. Earlier on Saturday, rioters hurled a Molotov cocktail at a synagogue in Aulnay-sous-Bois, a suburb of Paris.

On the march itself, “Among the protesters were those who carried signs reading “Gaza is a concentration camp” and “Anti-Zionism,” according to local reports, and some called out “Death to Jews.””

One French Green Party politician defended the antisemitic attacks. Pierre Minnaert said it was “not surprising” that synagogues “under attack” when they support Israel’s policies.

Protestors doing antisemitic quenelle saluate. Via @mendelpol

Protesters demonstrate against Israel and in support of residents in the Gaza Strip in Paris

Video. JPost report.

2. Meanwhile in Frankfurt, Germany:

A demonstration in Frankfurt against Operation Protective Edge erupted into violence, with protesters tossing stones at the police.

According to the Frankfurter Rundschau paper, about 2,500 protesters appeared in downtown Frankfurt, screaming “God is great,” and slogans such as “freedom for Palestine” and “children-murderer Israel.”

Eight police officers were injured. One sign at the rally was titled, “You Jews are Beasts.”

German media reported that after the protests, groups sought to locate Jewish institutions. The Frankfurt police said Jewish institutions would be protected. It is unclear if the goal was to attack said institutions.

According to the Rundschau, student organization Left-SDS, Islamists and some members of the Neo-Nazi group National Socialists Rhein-Main attended the anti-Israel protest. Flags from Turkey, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Hamas were on display at the protest. Banners compared Prime Minister Netanyahu with Adolf Hitler. Supporters of Assad’s regime were also present at the protest.

In a bizarre act of cooperation, German journalist and publicist Thomas von der Osten-Sacken reported on the website of the weekly Jungle World that Frankfurt’s police allowed the demonstrators to use a police vehicle and loudspeaker to blast anti-Israeli slogans. According to a police statement, the authorities allowed the use of their equipment in order to deescalate the situation. The Jungle World article sarcastically titled its account, “The Police, Friend and Helper.”

Spontaner Protest auf der Zeil. Foto: Rolf Oeser. Via Frankfurter Rundschau.

Independent report.

3. #HitlerWasRight

Meanwhile, the hashtag #HitlerWasRight has been trending on social media, showing the extent to which Holocaust denial and Nazi ideology have permeated the anti-Zionist movement. Read more about this here.

3 Responses to “Anti-Zionist antisemites”

  1. The article is a good summary of the issues in Europe with relation to anti-Semitism, that unfortunately have been brooding for some time. Whilst levels of the racism have fluctuated over periods and did reach record-low levels within the last two decades, unfortunately anti-Semitism seem to be on the rise. The link between levels of anti-Semitism and increased levels of Muslims in Europe is at times a suspicious correlation.
    Whether there is any legitimate anti-Zionism out there from people who are not Jewish that is not some form of anti-Semitism is another idea to explore, albeit it more philosophical.
    In any case thank you for the article.

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