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An excellent post at History is Made at Night, which I recommend highly. Here’s some extracts, but you’ll want to read the whole thing. A global economic crisis is leading to global austerity – yet paradoxically in places at the sharp end populist nationalism is resurgent amidst the demonstrations and riots. A recent survey of the […]

A great article about nationalism, from an African perspective.

The Fatherland


From: “Free Inquiry” by Paraf-Javal Source: Libre Examen. Paris, Edition du groupe d’études scientifiques, 1907; via M.I.A. THE FATHERLAND The groupings of men inhabiting certain portions of territories subject to the same laws are called fatherlands, nations. Two nations believe or don’t that they have the same interests. In the first case there is peace, […]

From Airforce Amazons: My nationalism’s bigger than your nationalism Drawing for the Times Higher Education Supplement, issue of September 24, 1993. Post title swiped from Waterloo Sunset’s comments at Bob’s place.

Kings & Queens (& Nazis & Swedes) Cultism and the Left Neo-Nazi ‘national anarchists’ in Germany in the headlines White nationalism v national anarchism Skarpretter : Naziscum Angry yoof in Brussels; angry racists in Bamberg Against Chauvinism, Against Nationalism!

Slack Bastard sez: Oh yeah, see also Anti-German Translation, “A blog about the anti-imperialist, anti-capitalist, anti-fascist and anti-globalization movements, analysing the convergences between right-wing thought and false forms of anti-capitalism, drawing on the German “anti-German” communist current”. Typical Kraut nonsense. And then proceeds with some excellent anti-nationalist quotes, including these two: “But it’s not just […]