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At, an interesting feature, the tank: Do We Need Adorno? By Todd Cronan, Emory University,Michael Clune, Case Western Reserve University, Nicholas Brown, UIC, Jennifer Ashton, UIC, Chris Cutrone, School of the Art Institute of Chicago and Marnin Young, Yeshiva University. First up, a review by Todd Cronan of Adorno and Horkheimer’s  Towards a New Manifesto by Theodor Adorno and Max Horkheimer. Translated by Rodney Livingstone. […]

Thinking the global crisis South Atlantic Quarterly: Perspectives on the Global Crisis Volume 111, Number 2, Spring 2012 Moishe Postone, Special Issue Editor. Includes Moishe Postone: Thinking the Global Crisis Full Text (PDF). Also: Duncan K. Foley (Abstract/Full Text (PDF)), Michael Hardt (Abstract/Full Text (PDF)) and others. More and more labor is being rendered superfluous, even as […]

Revolutionary street art from the streets of Cairo: Where is Panda? Panda on El Horreya Cafe Reading: Contested Terrain on when Israel ceases to be a story and on Bill Weinberg’s anti-Zionist sliminess in relation to the Hilltop protests in Israel. // Criticism etc on the need for translations of ultra-leftist Jacques Camatte, whose thought anticipated some […]

The Communism blog has been publishing some very interesting and important material lately, including: How Germany Profits from Greece’s Crisis by Ingo Stützle ATTAC, The Critique of Globalization, and “Structural Antisemitism” by Gerhard Hanloser (“The truncated understandings of Marx’s Capital by Postone and the German Krisis group, among others, come in for a rigorous Marxological critique.” – CT) Ingo Elbe. Between Marx, Marxism, and Marxisms – […]

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Principia Dialectica: A postmodern Keynes: ‘the nomadic hive manifesto’ (Moishe Postone versus Kenyes on drugs) / Some Precisions about Anselm Jappe and Marshall Sahlins (primitivism and radicalism) // Archive Fire: War on the Earth: David Barsamian interviews Vandana Shiva / Ross Wolfe: My War against Vandana Shiva: A Long but Interesting Exchange with Michael from Archive Fire regarding Marxism and the Environment // David Hirsh: Why […]

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Another small one. Ross W: The Works of the Historian and Marxist Theorist Moishe Postone Steven Johns: Anarchism and British Islamism: putting things in perspective Rebecca L: US Boat to Gaza and Gilad Atzmon. More from Adam Holland. Modernity: Occupied Palestine. Mark Gardner: Routledge’s Journal of Contemporary Leftist Anti-Semitism Max Weber: Can anarchists be legal scholars? See also: Poumista/Bob Previously

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Illustration from Antiterra, from Midnight Radio Soup. Chris Mansour: Praxis, theory, and the unmakeable: An interview with Robert Hullot-Kentor: Platypus Review 33 | March 2011 [PDF] On February 19, 2011, Chris Mansour of Platypus interviewed Robert Hullot-Kentor, noted Adorno translator and author of Things Beyond Resemblance: Collected Essays on Theodor W. Adorno. What follows is an edited transcript of […]

I think I have linked once or twice recently to the Wine and Cheese Appreciation Society of Greater London, the UK offshoot of Junge Link. Junge Link (strapline: against capital and nation) are part of the German “anti-nationalist” movement that emerged from (and partly against) the anti-German movement. I think I’ve already featured their text […]

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New blog Left antisemitism. The right Tables, Ladders and Chairs: Telos, Artificial Negativity and The Big Society (1 of 2) //  (2 of 2). // The structural antisemitism of Ross Douthat and the Tea Party movement. Jaime Semprun RIP Obituaries: Principia Dialectica. Not Bored. Obituary by Jules Bonnot de la Bande. Libcom. Loren Goldner. Iz/Pal The SWP’s blind spot. // Thoughts on […]