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This is by Reem Abu-Hayyeh at the excellent IRR news service. Read the original here. A timely pamphlet aimed primarily at French trades unionists provides an opportunity to reflect on the FN’s growing appeal to working-class voters. ‘If we don’t stop the waves of immigration, in ten years whites will become a minority in France.’ ‘If we […]

These posts are from Infantile Disorder, from over the last month: Merseyside Anti-Bedroom Tax Federation Go Animal Farm on “The Anarchists” A campaign of lies, in aid of fascism In a sickening act of deceit, the Merseyside Anti-Bedroom Tax Federation Twitter account has begun attacking “the anarchists” with misinformation designed to cover for the undemocratic actions of […]

A third Greek/fascism post in a row. This story has been chronically underreported: A Holocaust memorial in Rhodes was spray-painted with swastikas. The Holocaust Memorial to the Jews of Rhodes in the Jewish Martyrs Square — the old Jewish Quarter — was defaced Saturday on its six sides. The initials AME also were spray-painted on […]

From Tendance Coates, with apologies for some added hyperlinks and gently corrected typos: Counterpunch’s friend Israël Adam Shamir does not only write about Dreyfus on Entre la Plume et l’Enclume (between the Pen and the Anvil). He, for example, wrote a vibrant defence of Gilad Atzmon on the same site earlier this year […]  calling him “un volcan vivant, un titan pourvu d’un sens de […]



Cross-posted from BobFromBrockley This is an age when political events are calibrated to Twitter, activists’ thoughts are punctuated with hashtags and the circulation of politics proceeds memetically. I have mainly been bemused by the wave of occupations emanating from Wall Street and franchised “globally” (i.e. to the other wealthy countries of the global North) on 15 […]

Indymedia UK


The Geniza blog designed to save Indymedia UK from antisemitism has a recent update on the end of Indymedia UK, on the further unravelling of Gilad Atzmon, and on the exposure of Israel Shamir. 

Essential reading.

1. A short while ago, some BANANAs got dropped in San Francisco. The resulting mess has been splattered over several gritty sidewalks on the information superhighway, including (see: ‘Post-Immigration March Scuffle Targets National Anarchists’; a re-post of Lauren Smiley’s article from SF Weekly). This fact prompted me — somewhat foolishly, I admit — to have another crack […]

On Friday May 7th during a meeting of the Pacifica Forum where known National Socialist Movement speaker Jimmy Marr was hosting an anti-Semitic event entitled “Deciphering Jewish Intellectual Movements” multiple Antifa activists were brutalized, detained, and charged. More info on from Infoshop. Detailed report from the bourgeois Daily Emerald. And on the previous fixture. (The […]

Some time ago, I linked to some allegations made against leftist antifa activists by a group of ultra-conservative sites, Diana West, Tundra Tabloids and Brussels Journal. These sites were alleging that in various places, including Koln and Malmo, antifa activists had violently targeted Jewish people, calling them Nazi because of real or imagined affiliations with […]