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Revolutionary street art from the streets of Cairo: Where is Panda? Panda on El Horreya Cafe Reading: Contested Terrain on when Israel ceases to be a story and on Bill Weinberg’s anti-Zionist sliminess in relation to the Hilltop protests in Israel. // Criticism etc on the need for translations of ultra-leftist Jacques Camatte, whose thought anticipated some […]

History is Made at Night posts some great Berlin street art here, from his visit for the Datacide issue launch party which I blogged here.  

Variousness 32


Image from a wonderful collection of Kafka street art here. I think I’ve already recommended the fascinating blog, Who Makes the Nazis. Anyway, I’m recommending it again. Read, for example, Hanns Eisler: Contemporary Music and Fascism (1944). On Iran: Danny Postel and Nader Hashemi on the Green movement, 1 & 2. Mark Rudd: on the dangers of […]

Joel Morton: Lisa Simpson, Antifascist Superhero: Masculinity, Violence, and Eastern German ‘Antifa’ Street Ephemera, May Day, Berlin, 2004 Text/pictures