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On  John Patrick Bedell: Now it’s just a matter of time for liberal and conservative pundits to claim this guy was either a right-wing or left-wing extremist. Yet the “truthers” cut across the partisan divide and include kooks from both fringes. One thing they all share in common is a conspiratorial world view and an extreme […]

Variousness 15


Boycott notes: Wim Wenders says no (via Engage). Antifa notes: Andy’s latest edition focuses on the UK, and includes the Anarchist Federation on the useless liberal anti-fascists of Unite Against Fascism. Andy also has a moving tribute to murdered Russian anti-fascist Ivan “Vanya Kostolom” Khutorskoy, and a piece on the 9/11 Truth Cultists. Added: Blood […]

It seems so. Via Terry.

1. Straight Outta Tel Aviv: Antigerman Stepkurs Neues O.G. Ultrasteinlied, für alle, die trotz gymnasiastischen Gruppenzwangs auch mal 50Cent auf ihrem Handy pumpen wollen. Für das (immer)gleiche und mehr checkt und Klickklackbumm. 2. Platypus Review “Let the dead bury the dead!” Response to Principia Dialectica (UK) on May 1968 Chris Cutrone The British […]