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Indymedia UK


The Geniza blog designed to save Indymedia UK from antisemitism has a recent update on the end of Indymedia UK, on the further unravelling of Gilad Atzmon, and on the exposure of Israel Shamir. 

A post by Bob from Brockley at Contested Terrain: History is Made at Night tweeted that the Wikileaks revelations would prove that geopolitics is not in fact determined by the Bilderberg Group, Masonic conspiracies or the Israel lobby, but in fact confirms the boring old Marxist materialist theory of history (except he said it wittily in 140 […]

Variousness 10


// Israel/Palestine: Oktoberfest in Palestine. // Germany: Antisemitism on stage: Fassbinder’s late appearance. Politics or Pathology? Review of The Baader-Meinhof Complex. To Whom Honor is Due: A disgraceful capitulation. // UK: Nick Griffin denies Iranian nukes. // US: Crummy student occupations. // From the archive: 1. Unweaving The Tangle: Zionism, Anti-Zionism, Antisemitism. 2. On antisemitism […]

Following this post, the thread continues here: 1 (Bob), 2 (Bob), 3 (Bob), 4 (Matt). Useful background: CT on the wordplay approach to antisemitism, Ignoblus on antisemitism as a cultural code, Shift magazine on Indymedia’s degeneration.

France: Following on from this, here is Andrew Coates: Dieudonné’s French ‘Anti-Zionist’ List: Worst Political Alliance in Europe? Few deny that ‘Anti-Zionism’ can be  a cover for racism. But rarely does it lead to this broad alliance. In France the mixed-race (Cameroon-French)  ’humourist’ Dieudonné has launched the Parti Anti-Sionist (Site). Its candidates are standing in the European […]

Rather disappointed to see (at the excellent Whitechapel Anarchist Group website) that UK’s Antifa (strapline: “Militant Antifascists”), as were WAG themselves, out in force at the Gaza demos, marching alongside, er, lots of fascists. More at Indymedia and Flickr, where you can check out their sorry-arsed out-dated uniform of black hooded top.

From anjapartanen: Die Nazimedia, Die Drawed by Average Jeff