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From Elder of Ziyon: Last PalArab keffiyeh manufacturer stays afloat by selling to Western anti-Zionists From AFP: Joudeh Hirbawi is not sure why young Palestinians do not want to wear the iconic black-and-white keffiyeh scarves his factory makes. But he has found another way to stay afloat. Instead of selling to a dwindling local market of old men […]

From a post by Owen Jones: Radical ideas, moderate words. Lefties often think that, if you’re pushing really radical policies, the language you use has to be equally radical. If it’s not, it’s almost seen as betraying your left-wing beliefs. But you can promote ideas with moderate language without diluting their radicalism. People who don’t […]

Following, for reasons too complicated to explain, a series of links, I ended up at a fairly unsavoury Canadian website, Blazing Catfur, which has a hyperbolic post on a liberal Canadian anti-racist campaign. Anyway, the blogger noticed that “Let’s Eliminate Racism in Edmonton” has a rather interesting logo. The blogger adds, “Is that a Kafeiya the […]

Martin in the Margins on the G20 protests in London: […] As for the make-up of the crowd, a large proportion of them seemed to be London University students out for an end-of-term carnival, plus a hard core of balaclava and keffiyeh-wearing activists playing at being revolutionaries for the day.[…] And here is Russell Brand […]

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A while back I unfairly attacked Ted Swedenburg, smart* American academo-leftist, whose blog does a wonderful job of tracking the adventures of the kufiya in the popular culture of the over-developed world. (Although I don’t really like his politics, of course.) Here’s some interesting snippets: On Iron Man: The real “bad guy” of the film, […]



From On A Raised Beach: A rash of occupations, sit-ins, what have you, has spread across universities in Glasgow. Sadly they have nothing to do with the class struggle, galloping unemployment (which is what is probably facing those doing the sitting in) and the current financial crisis of global capitalism, and everything to do with […]

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