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At, an interesting feature, the tank: Do We Need Adorno? By Todd Cronan, Emory University,Michael Clune, Case Western Reserve University, Nicholas Brown, UIC, Jennifer Ashton, UIC, Chris Cutrone, School of the Art Institute of Chicago and Marnin Young, Yeshiva University. First up, a review by Todd Cronan of Adorno and Horkheimer’s  Towards a New Manifesto by Theodor Adorno and Max Horkheimer. Translated by Rodney Livingstone. […]



  Principia Dialectica’s intervention at Marxism 2011. On Stewart Home, David Tibet, Death in June and Tony Wakeford. Hillel Ticktin on abstract labour, and David Black in response.

Moishe Postone: In French. The narcissism of minor difference? An old Principia Dialectica post about Andrew Kliman’s alleged debt to Postone. Chicago Political Workshop take up the meme. Platypus1917 joins the fray. CPW apologise. Rosa’s body: From CPW, I see that Rosa Luxemburg’s body may have been found! Hagalil: David James Fisher (2003): Zum psychoanalytischen […]

From Principia Dialectica: Robert Kurz on fictitious capital Spencer Leonard on the death of the left Moishe Postone reviewed by Laurent Jeanpierre Isaac Rubin in London From Three-Way Fight: Don Hamerquist: Thinking and Acting in Real Time and A Real World

1. Straight Outta Tel Aviv: Antigerman Stepkurs Neues O.G. Ultrasteinlied, für alle, die trotz gymnasiastischen Gruppenzwangs auch mal 50Cent auf ihrem Handy pumpen wollen. Für das (immer)gleiche und mehr checkt und Klickklackbumm. 2. Platypus Review “Let the dead bury the dead!” Response to Principia Dialectica (UK) on May 1968 Chris Cutrone The British […]