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The revolutionary graffiti is being cleansed from Tahrir Square. Here are some glimpses of what’s there, from Homsi Anarchist: Homsi Anarchist ‏@HomsiAnarchist A.C.A.B #Tahrir #Graffiti 19 SepHomsi Anarchist ‏@HomsiAnarchist #Tahrir #Graffiti   19 SepHomsi Anarchist ‏@HomsiAnarchist “Pigs” #Tahrir #Graffiti 19 SepHomsi Anarchist ‏@HomsiAnarchist @ingili3 hahhaa the term goes way back according to here … 19 SepHomsi Anarchist ‏@HomsiAnarchist “Resist the oppressor” #Tahrir #Graffiti 19 SepHomsi Anarchist ‏@HomsiAnarchist To the State: […]

Jello Biafra


Prestor June 9, 2011 08:39 PM Jello Biafra bucks boycott NEW JEWISH RESISTANCE: Jello Biafra, legendary lead singer of the Dead Kennadys, is refusing to cancel a scheduled gig in Tel Aviv, instead offering to “debate” the issue with sanctions advocates.[…]

Some great anarchist humour at Twitter’s #anarchistfacts. Here are some: Anarchists have an antistate instead of a prostate gland. Kropotkin, was the anarchist formerly known as Prince. anarchists only use lower case type as they are opposed to capitalism In 1973, a meeting organised by an anarchist group in a terraced house in didsbury was attended […]

Black bloc


In the UK, the Black Bloc has gotten a lot of media coverage and blog buzz because of the March 26 anti-cuts march where they appeared. Mostly, of course, it is liberal hand-wringing, conservative hysteria and the rest of the whole usual denunciatory arsenal of the law and order party. Myself, I think Black Bloc […]

Indymedia UK


The Geniza blog designed to save Indymedia UK from antisemitism has a recent update on the end of Indymedia UK, on the further unravelling of Gilad Atzmon, and on the exposure of Israel Shamir. 

An AnarchistNews post about an awful AdBusters article elicits an appalling comment thread. One commenter, however, gives a nice succint summary of what we are up against in the anarchist milieu, at least in North America: Lyons at Three-Way Fight says back Hezbollah. Left Turn backs both Hezbollah and Hamas. Norman Finkelstein backs Hezbollah (‘We […]

Anarchist ideas and politics had gained a foothold in middle east region, but still we are totally absorbed in promoting these ideas and politics while the heat of social struggle is escalating everywhere. These ideas were created by the oppressed masses as the core of the revolutionary programme of their struggle; this means that we […]

Mick Sweetman against the black bloc. And a follow-up here. (More on the black bloc here.)

I’m A Better Anarchist Than You: Some Thoughts on Vancouver and the Black Bloc, by David Rovics. Interesting.

Is there such a thing as anarcho-Zionism? I’m skeptical, but see here: At the back of the hill: Anarcho-Zionism defined (also at AZ Indymedia) IN THE GLOAMING: Musings of an Anarcho Zionist B’Zayon! Bostonian Zionist Anarchist Youth Organization Naw! Zionist Freedom Alliance These guys, to be honest, seem as much anarchists as the “autonomous nationalists” […]