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Joel Schalit


Added to the blogroll: Joel Schalit. Here are some cool images from his blog. Click them to get to the relevant posts and captions. (Joel, if you feel this is unfair use, just let me know and I’ll take ’em down.) Advertisements

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1. Bob From Brockley: On green and black fascists and red anti-fascists. On Marxist sectarianism, green idiocy, the BNP and SLA, and that Austrian hotel. 2. Tendance Coatesy: On the European left. On No2Eu. 3. The New Centrist: Pointing you elsewhere. 4. Slack Bastard: On anarchists, fascists, squatters and violence in Greece. 5. Chris Hale: […]

Blog notes


1. Ignoblus, for the moment Read: **A Cultural Code**, Boycott as violence. 2. Modernity Blog Read: Old Tripe and even older tropes, Carnival of Socialism and Ahmadinejad, Roma in Hungary and the Czech Republic. 3. Property is theft Read: The question of Islam, The folly of ‘New World Order’ conspiracy theories, The folly of patriotism. […]

Very happily reciprocating Red Star Commando‘s link to this blog. This post gives us the brave anti imperialist warrior with the dreads and the disturbing message on his Palestinian flag. This post gives a defence of the no state solution to the Israel-Palestine situation, linking to Theorie Organisation Praxis’ excellent leaflet on the topic. And […]