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Platypus has published an English translation of Communism and Israel, by the anti-German group Initiative Sozialistisches Forum (ISF). The piece is problematic in a number of ways, but interesting, and very out of joint with the orthodoxies of the anglophone left. If I ever have more time, I will write more about why it is problematic, but […]

Some time ago, I linked to some allegations made against leftist antifa activists by a group of ultra-conservative sites, Diana West, Tundra Tabloids and Brussels Journal. These sites were alleging that in various places, including Koln and Malmo, antifa activists had violently targeted Jewish people, calling them Nazi because of real or imagined affiliations with […]

Your Revolution is no liberation During the recent weeks and months a spirited debate developed in different German left wing newspapers and groups about the sense or non-sense, the perspectives and the means and goals of the mobilisation against the G8 summit. Different German and Austrian anti-fascist groups started a campaign to criticise a wrong […]