Bananas!! More on the “national anarchists” [sic]



A short while ago, some BANANAs got dropped in San Francisco. The resulting mess has been splattered over several gritty sidewalks on the information superhighway, including (see: ‘Post-Immigration March Scuffle Targets National Anarchists’; a re-post of Lauren Smiley’s article from SF Weekly). This fact prompted me — somewhat foolishly, I admit — to have another crack at explaining why it might be considered a good idea for anarchists to distance themselves from both the BANANAs and the other white supremacist groupuscules who’ve recently elected to carry black flags (’stolen to replace swastika filth rags’) into battle. (See alsoAnarchist statement on the New Right, October 21, 2007.)


Anarchism is a living tradition to which anyone is free to associate themselves; racists and fascists, however, do so at their own risk. When fascists choose to adopt anarchist colours, therefore, they should expect to be confronted. That was the case in post-WWI Italy, and it’s still the case in pre-WWIII United States. Obviously, what form this confrontation takes depends upon the context.


See alsoWhich Anarchism? Which Autonomism? Between Anarchism and Autonomist Marxism (Heather Gautney), January 7, 2010 | Al-Qaeda and Anarchism: A Historian’s Reply to Terrorology by James L. Gelvin, May 6, 2009 | Anarchy: Against Capital, Against the State, June 23, 2007.


Of relevance in this context is the announcement by fascists in Sydney of the attendance of Canadian neo-Nazi Paul Fromm at this year’s Sydney Forum [“the major speaking event of the Australian patriotic resistance calendar”]. (Last year’s foreign guest speaker was Andrew Yeoman, a BANANA from San Francisco…) Australia First, the party chiefly responsible for organising the Forum, has also completed the penultimate step towards registering with the AEC (alongside of, it should be noted, Secular Party of Australia, Building Australia Party and The Climate Sceptics).

Background: Andrew Yeoman, BANANAs and SF police fight back!//National anarchism [sic] cont.

One Response to “Bananas!! More on the “national anarchists” [sic]”

  1. 1 AbcAnarchy

    A strong believer in anarchy, if i saw ANY Nazi scum holding the colors that mean so much to me I’d act without thinking, regardless of who was watching or how many fascists are around. Let this be a warning to any Racist thinking about donning our colors, we are proud of them and they represent unity against the state, thats unity with any race. So don’t even think about it you pigs.


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