Pacifica Forum vs the anti-fascists


On Friday May 7th during a meeting of the Pacifica Forum where known National Socialist Movement speaker Jimmy Marr was hosting an anti-Semitic event entitled “Deciphering Jewish Intellectual Movements” multiple Antifa activists were brutalized, detained, and charged. More info on from Infoshop. Detailed report from the bourgeois Daily Emerald. And on the previous fixture. (The Emerald, incidentally, gives a platform to Pacifica racist Rod McLaughlin.) Background to the protests from the Anarchist Black Tea Society. A communique from the Society.

Comment: from Ersun Warnke and from Insurgent.

Background: on the Anarchist Black Tea Society; on Jay Knott aka Rod McLaughlin and Pacifica Forum.

Bonus link: Noam Chomsky and a tree in Oxfordshire (scroll to comments).

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11 Responses to “Pacifica Forum vs the anti-fascists”

  1. 1 Multnomah Negationist

    When referring to someone as a ‘racist’, wouldn’t it be helpful to produce some evidence?

  2. Multnomah Negationist – not doubt Rod – we all know you’ve long gone over to the other side, and are pretending to still be on the Left in order to sell neo-fascist and antisemitic ideas.

    You run the Pacifica Forum website, don’t you? And you endorse Valdas Analuskas, who praises segregation, peddles embarrassingly long-winded antisemitic conspiracy theories, and likes to Sieg Heil around at the PF gatherings.

  3. 3 Multnomah Negationist

    “We all know” is not a valid method of inference. I do not endorse Anelauskas. I am not pretending to be on the left, since most of my ideas ARE on the left – abortion, gay marriage, anti-apartheid, anti-police brutality, not anti-immigration – you name it. WHAT neo-fascist and antisemitic ideas do I ‘sell’ by pretending to be on the left? Please remove these libels.

    • No claim you are not “Knott”, in which case RA is right: Holocaust denial is racist, the idea that “Zionists” control America is racist.

  4. 5 radicalarchives

    You host the Pacifica Forum website, don’t you Rod? Yes or No.

    Pacifica Forum hosts racist and neo-Nazi speakers.

    We know you promoted and attended the Analuskas talk in Portland – where he praised segregation, name-dropped Holocaust Deniers and repeated antisemitic copnsiracy theories.

  5. Another flash from Eugene, Oregon:
    Lane County Commissioner Faye (Stumps) Stewart grandson of the Timber Baron Stewart filed a 990 form with the IRS in 2007 listing assets of $1,684,955,468 in U. S. Government Securities in his “Faye and Lucille Stewart Foundation”

  6. 7 Multnomah Negationist

    Yes, it’s Rod (‘Shaft’ was already taken). “We know you promoted and attended the Analuskas talk in Portland” – no, you do NOT know this. I neither promoted nor attended it. You cannot simply browse the web and uncritically accept what you read (it’s easy to tell where, given you reproduce the spelling mistakes!). Accusing someone of being a ‘racist’ based on information you cannot confirm is an outrageous libel. Remove it.

    • 8 radicalarchives

      So you admit that you run the Pacifica Forum website, which promotes racist talks? That makes you a racist.

      Anyway, you are a liar – just like your idol David Irving, who you cite throughout your ridiculous little antisemitic pamphlet.

      You are today’s Gary Jewell.

  7. 9 Me

    ‘That makes you a racist’. No – a racist is someone who agrees with racism. The word ‘promotes’ is misleading – Pacifica Forum allows all kinds of speakers, including some you p.c. types would call ‘racist’. It no more ‘promotes’ them than it ‘promotes’ their opposite. And I didn’t cite David Irving once in my ‘ridiculous little antisemitic pamphlet’, let alone ‘throughout’ it. I’ve never heard of Gary Jewell, but he sounds like a cool guy.

  1. 1 The Palestine Solidarity Campaign « Anti-National Translation

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