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Variousness 24


///Pseudo-“anti-imperialism” and its critique Response to Arundhati Roy: Jairus Banaji. A real Marxist replies to a liberal celebration of Maoist violence. ///Fascism and Anti-fascism An interview with Romanian anti-fascists. From Entdinglichung’s recent miscellany: 1.) [More on the] English Defence League (EDL): * Bob from Brockley: The mutating forms of post-fascism, and immigration politics * Bartholomew’s Notes on Religion: The English Defence League […]

Principia Dialectica: Winston owned quite a few parrots. One is still alive today, it is 105 years old. They can live up to 120 years. One of his favourite phrase is :”Fuck the Boche”, and it also uses choice expletives against Churchill’s Second World War generals. All this was taught by Winston himself no doubt. […]

Some time ago, I linked to some allegations made against leftist antifa activists by a group of ultra-conservative sites, Diana West, Tundra Tabloids and Brussels Journal. These sites were alleging that in various places, including Koln and Malmo, antifa activists had violently targeted Jewish people, calling them Nazi because of real or imagined affiliations with […]

Variousness 7


// UK: The BNP pose as anti-war. The EDL doesn’t add up. German lessons for Labour. // US: Counterpunch and the blood libel. Glenn Beck and left-right confusion. // Poland: Legacies of “Judeo-Bolshevism”. // Germany: Die Welt 19.09.2009, via S&S Henryk M. Broder fears that Leon de Winter‘s latest book “The Right of Return”, which […]