No Jews allowed, cont.


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  1. the news in Austria gets worse and worse: assault on Jewish survivors during commemoration ceremony, and some of them involved were members of socialist youth groups

  2. the source for the claim that there were leftists involved is from an anti-leftist website here: I haven’t found any other sources to confirm this claim. and the blogger claims that there is no difference between the Left and the Right because both are supposedly socialist. So, the source is – to say the least- not necessarily reliable. Will have to find another source on that one to confirm. Some idiot leftist youth being involved would be surprising but not unbelievable.
    Additionally, the response from the Mayor was that this incident would hurt Austria’s international image and tourism. What an ass!

    “Es ist schädlich für das internationale Ansehen Österreichs und die Tourismuspolitik, wenn Überlebende im Konzentrationslager angegriffen werden”

  3. 5 antigerman

    Thanks CT. More reasons to be miserable.

    On Tundra Tabloids, I have drawn on their material before, but find them deeply unpleasant. They are part of the Euronationalist movement that poses a greater danger to Europe now than radical Islam does, and certainly a greater danger than the idiot left does. I don’t know if you’ve been following the fight between Little Green Footballs and the fascist fellow travellers (JihadWatch etc) that Tundra Tabloid hang out with. (On the other hand, they’re good at digging the dirt!)

  4. no i am not familiar with tundra tabloids. i was led to their site because they were the source for the info about one of the youth being with the socialists. when i arrived at their site and saw how anti-left they were i was immediately critical of their info and did some further source searching. i found the info confirmed at the above listed url (,181084). I don´t follow Little Green Footballs either.

  5. 7 punkoboss

    Абсолютно согласен с предыдущим сообщением

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