Idiots, in France, San Francisco and Vienna


France: Following on from this, here is Andrew Coates:

Dieudonné’s French ‘Anti-Zionist’ List: Worst Political Alliance in Europe?

Few deny that ‘Anti-Zionism’ can be  a cover for racism. But rarely does it lead to this broad alliance. In France the mixed-race (Cameroon-French)  ’humourist’ Dieudonné has launched the Parti Anti-Sionist (Site). Its candidates are standing in the European Election this June (in the Isle-de- France). The List contains, Alain Soral, former Communist, then member of the Front National,  and Thierry Meyssan, famous as the author of  ”L’effroyable imposture” – a founding document of the 9/11 ‘Truth’ Movement. They are joined by Sidi Yahi Gouasmi of the Fédération Chiite de France. As  well as Rabbi Schmiel Borreman of Judaism Against Zionism. This week, some senior political figures have called for this list to be banned (here).

The resolute nature of Dieudonné’s ‘anti-Zionism’ is such that he invited Holocaust denier, Robert Faurisson, to his stage show last year (here).


Fans of Islamism, Ultra-Orthodox Jews, Holocaust deniers, French nationalism, Conspiracy  Theories and France’s mixed-race answer to Bernard Manning, have (if they live in the Isle-de-France) a unique voting opportunity. Truly unique.

[More on Alain Soral from Kolet ink: 1, 2]

San Francisco: From The New Centrist:

May Day Mayhem in San Francisco

The forces of social revolution attacked luxury stores in San Francisco’s Union Square to celebrate International Workers Day. This is from SF-IMC:

This action carried no demands. Its choice of geography and timing speak for themselves. It is safe to say that it inflicted the most property destruction San Francisco has seen in a very long time in an area usually deemed to be off limits to street actions and demonstrations. There were no arrests and upwards of $50,000 worth of damage was unleashed in a controlled and methodical manner that required intense cooperation among participants.

As to how this benefits workers or anyone besides the vandals seeking a cheap thrill is unclear. They did provide this comment:

Like fishermen turned pirates off the horn of Africa who have hijacked a primary artery of global capital as they defend their lives and communities, mass coordinated anti capitalist attacks across Greece that illustrate how an anarchist initiated insurrection can bring a state to its knees, or crews of friends taking over the streets of downtown Oakland in resistance to police violence, the May Day mutiny in San Francisco has revealed weak points for us to take note of and exploit. The illusion of an invincible corporate state able to crush or undermine all its enemies has been shattered. The forces of repression have no real defense against our evolving rebellions.

Yes, by attacking Prada, Armani, and other expensive stores, these crusty black-bloc vandals have “the system” quaking in its very boots. I’m sure.[…]

Austria: From Karl Pfeifer:

May 1st in Vienna

[…] Near to the Opera a young woman in black with a mask in the colour of the American flag and on the back “This help kills”.

This very help – the care parcels from the USA – made it possible for many Viennese to survive after the war. Anti-Americanism is the stupidity of the 21st century.

Anti-imps distribute an Appeal for the removal of Hamas from the EU terror list with the remark “Outstanding personalities signed”. I found the following names on it: Tariq Ramadan and Tariq Ali, Gilad Atzmon, Norman Finkelstein, James Petras and that indefatigable anti-Semite Gretta Duisenberg.[…]

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