Anarchist “facts”


Some great anarchist humour at Twitter’s #anarchistfacts. Here are some:

Anarchists have an antistate instead of a prostate gland.

Kropotkin, was the anarchist formerly known as Prince.

anarchists only use lower case type as they are opposed to capitalism

In 1973, a meeting organised by an anarchist group in a terraced house in didsbury was attended by an incredible 7 people.

Anarchists don’t like #anarchistfacts as they believe facts to be bourgeois.

Anarchists can warp twitter’s space-time continuum by proofreading tweets.

Anarchists, while experimenting with honey and puff pastry to conceal their identity, accidentally invented baklava.

The Lithuanian word for “anarchist” means “cake-fork” in Latvian.

Anarchists are secretely constructing an A line to subvert the underground map for the circle line.

They often have beards.

Anarchists propose ‘Look like a normal person day’ on day of Royal Wedding, how will police solve this one?

At “anarchist school” pupils are taught how to wire up a dubstep sound system to a bicycle.

Anarchists don’t wear masks. That is what their faces look like. Sometimes they wear human masks as a disguise.

The only rank higher than Captain Anarchy is Professor Chaos.

A “Black Bloc” is not an organisation. It is a demon which possesses a mass of black-clad teens to scare little children.

The SWP knows more about anarchists than anarchists know about themselves.

If you don’t get why anarchists prefer herbal tea then you’re probably not an anarchist.

The anarchist/Marxist split began when Bakunin claimed to Marx he had a better beard.

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