Variousness 22: critical theory


The critique of arms

A very interesting and long sympathetic critique of anarchist insurrectionism at Crimethinc.

Europe and Iran: List of Terrorists instead of dialogue, by Stephan Grigat.

What we’ve learned so far from the Karadzic trial – with a comment thread on anti-germanism and the Balkan wars.

Diego Gambetta in The Nation debunking the Red Army Faction’s heroic impatience.

Oliver Kamm on Hans Kundnani on Germany’s 1968 generation.


The critique of capital

To shift register slightly, Chris Dillow’s post, Tony Pulis: capitalist lackey, uses a football analogy (Arsene Wenger talking about a tackle) to very neatly explain one of Marx’s key points. Understanding this superficially confusing but actually simple point is central, in my view, to a truly radical Marxian critique of capitalism.

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