Edmund Standing at Butterflies and Wheels. Extract:

Just as Himmler admired and befriended Al-Husseini, and just as von Leers enthusiastically promoted a perverse union of radical Islam and Nazism, so today we find neo-Nazis applauding Jihadism and seeking to offer it their support. The 9/11 attacks are a case in point. In the aftermath of the atrocities of that day, neo-Nazis paid tribute to their Jihadist ideological brothers, thanking them for ‘knocking out’ the ‘common enemy’. The German former Red Army Faction terrorist turned neo-Nazi, Horst Mahler, called the Jihadist assault on civilian America ‘military attacks on the symbols of mammonistic world power’ that were ‘justified warfare by opponents of the global structures in the United States’, stating that ‘they have my full sympathy’. Another German far-Right group, National Resistance, said that September 11th was ‘a day for celebration’. Neo-Nazis in the North-Eastern town of Stralsund publicly celebrated and burnt the American flag, while a neo-Nazi in Eisenach was arrested after praising the attacks in a television interview.[85] On the evening of 9/11, French neo-Fascist youth celebrated with champagne. Jan Kopal, head of the Czech National Social Bloc, declared at a rally in Prague that bin Laden is ‘an example for our children’. Dr William Pierce, head of the American neo-Nazi organisation the National Alliance, stated that he wished neo-Nazis had ‘half as much testicular fortitude’ as the 9/11 attackers.

Dave Osler on being sued by Conservative activists Johanna Kaschke. Extract:

Ms Kaschke admits arrest on suspicion of terrorism in 1975, and spending two months or so thereafter in custody. As I made clear in the article complained of, she was in 1977 paid compensation for false imprisonment, and has consistently denied any wrongdoing. Despite her contention otherwise, I have at no time accused her of being a ‘hardline terrorist’, or indeed a terrorist of any stripe.

As recently as last year, Ms Kaschke put herself forward for the Labour nomination for the winnable seat of Bethnal Green & Bow. After receiving just one vote, she defected to the Respect party of George Galloway, quickly left to join one of Britain’s multiple Communist Parties, adhered again to Labour and then switched to the Tories; she now overtly advocates political positions that place her on the hard right of the legitimate Conservative spectrum. Rarely can ideological peregrinations have been so comprehensive in such a short space of time.

Slack Bastard on Indymedia and the BNP. Extract:

Fredrick Töben (Adelaide Institute) and Welf Herfurth (ex-One Nation, ex-Australia First Party[?], annexe Sydney using the MaGiCaL pOwErS invested in Horst Mahler’s flag and on behalf of the Nationaldemokratische Partei Deutschlands, January 27, 2005.

BobFromBrockley’s Thursday linktastica. Extract:

I’m putting together a long Bill Ayers post (or “Bill Ayres”, as several commentators, including this one) seem to call him. In the meantime, read Katha Pollit, and follow her links here and here.

Big Spoilt Brats with Guns by Cedar Lounge Revolution. Extract:

[Baader-Meinhof’s] was a legacy of needless death, with nothing positive. One aspect that was missing that I thought would be made more of was the issue of support from the DDR, which was at best implied. It was a major mistake of that regime ever to give any credence whatsoever to people who were ultimately vain, shallow, adventurist dilettantes playing at being revolutionaries, without the commitment, discipline or willpower necessary for sustained and successful political struggle, and who represented the very opposite of the Marxist-Leninist tradition of political struggle.

Karl Pfeifer – Victim competition: The Austrian left and antisemitism. Extract:

From the Nazi Volksgemeinschaft (the National Socialist term for “national community,”) Austria developed into a Sozialpartnerschaft (social partnership,) based on compromise between employers and employees and the integration of former Nazis: thus social harmony, compromise and consensus became predominant. One current example of this emphasis on consensus, which will bemuse those unfamilar with Austria’s internal workings, concerns Werner Faymann, the leader of the Social Democratic party (SPÖ). Faymann maintains a close relationship with the Neue Kronenzeitung, a populist rag which quite often publishes racist and xenophobic texts.

While the extreme right parties propagate implicit or explicit racism, xenophobia and antisemitism, the SPÖ shies away from conflict with them, trying to soften their impact. This strategy merely strengthens the far right.

Terry Glavin on the Cairo clique. Extract:

THE PHENOMENON THAT Dr. Ely Karmon of the International Institute for Counter-Terrorism has called “a growing trend of solidarity between leftist, Marxist, anti-globalization and even rightist elements with Islamists”[1] has lately emerged as the dominant trend in “anti-war” activism in Canada.

Central to the phenomenon is a strategic collaboration between ostensibly left-wing activists in and far-right Islamists that animates the leadership of Canada’s main “anti-war” organizations. It has accommodated Israel’s most committed and unambiguously antisemitic enemies, and has enjoyed particular success in framing public debates about Canada’s role in the NATO-led mission serving in Afghanistan.

The Matthias Kuntzel debate:

  • Matthias Küntzel’s piece in the Wall Street Journal is here. David Hirsh’s response is here. David T’s contribution is here. Robert Fine’s is here.

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