Variousness 11


// Israel/Palestine: Palestine-Israel, The joint struggle of the direct actions of the AAtW and Palestinians escalate. Uri Gordon’s Anarchy Alive on video. (Plus ZMag review.) Another friend for the Palestinian cause: Hungary’s fascist Jobbik party. The first “anti-Zionist” anti-war movement.

// Boycott news (for @ndy): Ken Loach vs Israeli film. Will they boycott antibiotics? Vanessa Redgrave won’t stand for the anti-Israel boycott. It is hard to believe that someone as bright as Naomi Klein gets it wrong so many times. Whom does this boycott help?

// Germany: The DDR’s Nazi heritage. The “Jamaica coalition”: the Greens align with the Right in Saarland. Nazi garden gnome “art”. Porsche’s slave labourers. Momo and the grey men: structural antisemitism in children’s books?

// Baader-Meinhof: On Hitchens and Baader-Meinhof: Red or brown? Who cares. (More from Terry Glavin, linking to J Carter Wood, who links to Andrew Hammel, who links to Paul Hockenos).

// US: Alison Weir of CounterPunch continues to promote blood libel. Lyndon LaRouche zombies sing.

// UK: Remember Johanna Kaschka? The ex-Baader Meinhof fellow traveller, later connected to George Galloway and now a Tory and embroiled in a libel case against Labour bloggers? Oh, and also a theorist of bizarre conspiracies involving Masons and the New World Order? Read Dave Osler and Lucy Lips for an update. Also: The International Marxist Group and the morality of the Brighton bombing. Ken and Hamas.

// Austria: Praising Haider.

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  1. Speaking of Israeli chemicals and what-not, a “Passionate, Determined, Optimistic.” bizarro in Perth (Australia) named Brendon O’Connell is currently on trial for racial vilification. He reckons “Low end jewish Sayanims who work in your local Internet Service Provider are logging into your e-mails and sending them to Abe Foxman. Sayanims are techs in the telephone exchanges and they are recording your calls for Abe – it’s THAT EASY!” Pretty awesome stuff. And yeah, thanks for the links inre Loach et cetera — will read when I get the chance.

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