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Talking of Jello Biafra in Tel Aviv, here’s Mick Jones and Big Audio Dynamite in NYC, rocking the casbah. “Happy Pay-sack.” Mick Jones’s opening greeting at New York’s Roseland Ballroom, reliably delivered in his South London brogue, won roars of approval from the assembled crowd, many of whom were skipping the second Passover seder to […]

Two great posts at John Eden’s fantastic Uncarved Blog. Colonel Gaddafi’s Kentucky Fried Britain On the 1986 occupation of Gaddafi’s London HQ. An extract: Hopefully Gaddafi will be gone by the time this post goes live. I certainly won’t miss him, but I will grudgingly admit that he brought a certain erratic charm to international politics. […]

Read these two posts by Louis Proyect: “Qaddafi and the Left” and “Qaddafi and the Monthly Review” (re-posted at Kasama). The complexities of imperialism and anti-imperialism: Andrew Coates reviews Mark Curtis on the British state and Islamism; Shiraz Socialist on Gadafi’s “anti-imperialist” friends. Also: Carl Packman: Gaddafi’s socialist supporters His authoritarian dictatorship of the last forty years should spell out […]

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Illustrations in this post from Stickerkitty. // Germany: Hebrew and English banned for Quds day (but police say sorry…). Don’t let religion trump human rights. Merkel’s pro-Russianism. Meet Germany’s next foreign minister: Guido Westerwelle. // UK: Antifa England debunk the Aryan Martyrs Brigade. The BNP is anti-worker. TUC should focus on Iran, not Israel. // Sweden: […]