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At Liverpool Antifascists Posted by Matthaus Noir A pro-Nazi association now operates a Persian-language website inIran, promoting anti-Semitism and memorializing Adolf Hitler, apparently with the approval of the Iranian government and its censors. The site,, features videos of Nazi leaders and pictures of Hitler, and praises the Third Reich for nearly conquering the Western world. It also includes a […]

Hat tip:  Simply Jews While we’re there, check out Breast implants as a Silicone Holocaust and Zioinists – guilty as charged.

Hitler lover


I feel that I ought to have made some comment on Bernie Ecclestone’s professed love for Adolf Hitler. However, I couldn’t think of anything original. This is Jim from Shiraz Socialist: The brilliant Catherine Bennett, writing in today’s Observer, nails both the disgusting little Hitler-lover who runs the so-called “sport” of Formula One, and the […]