Variousness 24


///Pseudo-“anti-imperialism” and its critique

Response to Arundhati Roy: Jairus Banaji. A real Marxist replies to a liberal celebration of Maoist violence.

///Fascism and Anti-fascism

An interview with Romanian anti-fascists.

From Entdinglichung’s recent miscellany:

1.) [More on the] English Defence League (EDL):

* Bob from Brockley: The mutating forms of post-fascism, and immigration politics
* Bartholomew’s Notes on Religion: The English Defence League and Politically Incorrect
* Workers Liberty: Now… an Australian Defence League

2.) Karl Pfeifer zur Webseite Hagalilwatch:

“Seit einigen Monaten gibt es die Website hagalilwatch, die vorgibt Kritik zu üben, sich jedoch tatsächlich darauf spezialisiert, anonym die Website anzugreifen. Seltsam, wenn jemand, der seinen Namen nicht nennt, versucht – das durchaus kritisierbar ist, Kritikern jedoch auch ein Forum bietet – als „kommunistisch“ zu denunzieren. [Basically, this is about a website called HagalilWatch, which attacks the German Jewish web portal HaGalil, from an “anti-Zionist” racist perspective, its fascist core revealed by its obsession with “communism”.]


3.) Bernhard Schmid auf Trend zu Hools und Nazis bei Paris-Saint Germain:


4.) Rachel Tabachnik auf Talk to Action zum Antisemitismus der Religious Right in den USA:

Meanwhile Christian Zionists broadcast narratives which demonize liberal Jews, rewrite Nazi Germany as a liberal phenomenon, and objectify Jews as supernaturally controlling the destiny of the planet, all with little or no objection from those who are supposedly monitoring anti-Semitism. From Pat Robertson’s 1991 publishing of his book New World Order to the present, Christian Zionists have legitimized grand conspiracy ideology as legitimate religious belief and have played a significant role in reinvigorating 1920s and 1930s conspiracy theories which are generally associated with white supremacist groups. These revived narratives target Jews as the source of the socialism/communism which is supposedly swallowing up America and paving the way for the Antichrist, the coming one-world dictator who John Hagee claims will be “partially Jewish.”

One narrative seen throughout Christian Zionist media is referred to as fishers and hunters. Christian Zionists describe themselves as the fishers who are to lure Jews to Israel prior to the time of the “hunters” who will force Jews to leave their current home nations in a second holocaust. Bruce Wilson and I have both written previously about Tom Hess (an apostle in the NAR who works with the Israeli Knesset’s Christian Allies Caucus) who uses his book Let My People Go to warn American Jews to disentangle themselves from the “fleshpots of America” and flee to Israel before it is too late. The cover of the book is a graphic of a Jewish businessman tied to a Wall Street sign.

This end times scenario has a prerequisite of a second Holocaust which will force all remaining Jews to move to Israel and therefore requires a massive wave of worldwide anti-Semitism which, despite Christian Zionist efforts, has not yet developed. But the perverse genius of Christian Zionism is that they can spread their anti-Semitic conspiracy ideology well beyond white supremacists and to nations around the globe, thus helping to advance their own prophecy narrative while appearing to be “pro-Israel.” (View a short video example of Cindy Jacobs subtly, or maybe not so subtly, promoting negative Jewish stereotypes at a conference in Indonesia in 2008.)

5.) Der Daily Racist im Wahlkampf:

See also: Daily Mail and Nick Clegg: pot calls kettle Blackshirt
Some BNP news:

A candidate for the Waddon byelection sent death threats to a drugs company involved in animal testing. Charlotte Lewis was jailed for six months in 2001 for her ongoing harassment of staff at the Huntington Life Sciences (HLS) centre in Cambridgeshire.  Miss Lewis, of Thornton Heath, is now standing as the British National party (BNP) in the Waddon byelection on February 12…

It was revealed the BNP candidate had a history of psychological problems and suffers depression. The judge said the “chilling letters” had brought “fear and anguish to people going about their peaceful and lawful business”.
Miss Lewis told the Croydon Guardian this week that her time in jail, six weeks in total, was “utterly horrible” and she never wanted to spend another day in “that awful place”.

She said she got involved in animal rights in 1999 having been a vegetarian since she was 14. She said she began to read animal rights activist magazines. She said: “I was not really involved in an extreme level, I just decided to write these letters. Unfortunately I was caught. I regret being caught.”

To see pictures of this Islamophobic animal-loving fascist in fishnets and a burqa, click here.

///Fascist/”anti-imperialist” convergence

Entdinglichung reports on the Iranian ambassador in France meeting with far right activists, via Droite(s) Extrême(s), hat tip to Révolution en Iran. Here’s a rough translation:

Seyed Mehdi Miraboutalebi, Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Paris does not do things by halves. On Tuesday, April 13, “to deepen relations between the two peoples” and “because the media are pumping preconceived ideas into public opinion”, he participated in a Q&A in a wine bar in Paris 5th’s district (which, for the occasion, did not serve alcohol) held by a former activist of the Renouveau Français (Petainist and antisemitic group), former running mate of the “Anti-Zionist” list of Dieudonne, and very close to PSG hooligans and Serbian ultranationalist. Anyway.

This “conversation” was organized by the Flash newspaper, the biweekly extreme right who claim to be “altermondialist” [for “global justice”] and for which write, among others, Christian Bouchet, Philippe Randa, Alain Soral and Alain de Benoist… In the room, Marc George, former Secretary General of Egalité et Réconciliation, Jacques Bordes, nationalist-revolutionary, close to Francois Duprat and well known in certain circles of the Middle East, Thomas Werlet of Parti solidaire français, “nationalist-socialist” groupucule, and Pierre Panet, a friend of Dieudonne and author with him of a text entitled “[Robert] Faurisson, a humanist.”


Middle East

From Ami Isseroff:

Believe it or not, there is now a Palestinian Zionist Organization They are even “right-wing” Zionists. J Street would not approve. Check it out. It speaks for itself.


Pandering to subtle German antisemitism?/Response to the German Linkspartei from the Israeli left/‘Jubelperser’ for Israel

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