Variousness 8


StromausfallIllustrations in this post from Stickerkitty.

// Germany: Hebrew and English banned for Quds day (but police say sorry…). Don’t let religion trump human rights. Merkel’s pro-Russianism. Meet Germany’s next foreign minister: Guido Westerwelle.

// UK: Antifa England debunk the Aryan Martyrs Brigade. The BNP is anti-worker. TUC should focus on Iran, not Israel.

// Sweden: Fighting the good fight.

// Europe: FragFM spews fascist hate.

IMG_2179// Libya: Libya’s Gulags: concentration camps for migrants.

// Iran: What democracies should do. Extract:

Negotiations should continue, but for the sake of a few more slippery promises of nuclear restraint the US and Europe must not do anything that would give a jot more legitimacy to a fraudulently elected president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who celebrated last week’s “Jerusalem Day” by saying that “the pretext” for the creation of Israel – that is, the Holocaust – “is false … It is a lie based on an unprovable and mythical claim.”

img_2045A textbook example of what democracies should not do was provided last year by a joint venture between Siemens and Nokia, called Nokia Siemens Networks. It sold the Iranian regime a sophisticated system with which they can monitor the internet, including emails, internet phone calls and social-networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, much used by Iranian protesters. In today’s politics of people power, that is the equivalent of selling a dictator tanks or poison gas.

img_2174So, to be clear: a German company, Siemens, which used slave labour during the Third Reich, sold a Holocaust-denying president the instruments with which he can persecute young Iranians risking their lives for freedom. Think of that every time you buy something made by Siemens.

// USA: Lyndon LaRouche’s creeps peddle softcore Holocaust denialism – an Armenian Holocaust survivor is arrested for stopping them.

// Comment and theory: Ryan Harvey: Are we addicted to rioting? (via Conatz)

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